11kg Twin Bottle Kit & EASYFIT Fill System With 2 x Bluetooth Gas Level Sensors - (GI-VB-002-T-EF-BT-LW)

 11kg Twin Bottle Kit & EASYFIT Fill System With 2 x Bluetooth Gas Level Sensors
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Product CodeGI-VB-002-T-EF-BT-LW
ManufacturerGAS IT

These GAS IT Bottles comes with our latest 'top to bottom reading' GAS IT Ultrasonic Bluetooth Gas level sensors for connection to your own Smart device via our free app - No wiring needed.  Set up is simple.

GAS IT Self Refillable gas bottle are easy to use, save you money and are super convenient to use and fill up, with free LPG Gas locker Sticker. 

What makes the GAS IT refillable gas bottle system stand out above the rest.

1) Easy to install

2) Cheap to refill

3) Refill with ease anywhere using everyday Autogas - including Europe

4) No Lifting and carrying of exchange gas bottles.

6) No having to send back part filled exchange bottles, just incase you need more gas on the next trip.

5) Bluetooth Enabled gas level indicator gives indicator of gas level in bottle from the very bottom to the very top of the gas level in the bottle. The readings are sent to a smart device via free app ( or via a separately purchased Bluetooth led monitor ).

These GAS IT bottles come with our latest Bluetooth gas level sensor to give you an indication of what gas is left in the bottle and an 80% automatic shut off fill system making the refilling process Childs play, also connecting a GAS IT bottle to your regulator is no harder than you using your normal exchange type gas bottle.

GAS IT Self Refillable gas bottle are easy to use, save you money and are super convenient to use and fill up.  

This is our top quality GAS IT Twin 11kg Refillable Gas bottle kit for Caravans or Motorhomes and includes our GAS IT UniqueEASYFIT© fill system that is an easy install and means you don't have to drill your vehicles external body to fit a fillpoint system. It also complies with all UK and EU requirements.

There is also the option select button when adding this kit to the shopping cart, to have the brilliant GAS IT Automatic Change over valve. It comes with 2 new Pigtails designed for our GAS IT bottles and makes the full process of running 2 gas bottles fully remote. When one bottle get empty it changes to the next and indicates when its changed from one bottle to another so you know. This Auto Changeover valve can also be set to be manual controlled. If you want full product info on the change over valve here the listing on our webshop.http://www.gasit.co.uk/index.php?_a=product&product_id=314

Our GAS IT EASYFIT© fill system is unique to our GAS IT Dealer in that it fully complies with all current EU and UK regulations. Our GAS IT EASYFIT© fill system is not the same as our Fill point is NOT directly connected to the bottle (it uses a fully approved LPG fast fill hose) and we also include a cover on the fill point to stop any dirt contamination so that's why our GAS IT EASYFIT© fill system and mounting system is still OK for use in the UK, France and other EU countries where as others are not.  

The specification of these 11kg refillable bottle is as follows :-

Fills to approximately 21 litres (at 80% full)

Height: 550mm x 304mm diameter

Empty Cylinder Weight: 11.9 Kg approx

Material: Steel

GAS IT 11kg twin bottles within locker fill system
  1 x Angled Bracket in-locker System  2 x GI-VB- 002   - 11kg Bottle
  2 x Bluetooth Senor & Grease
  1 x Bluetooth Setup Document

1 x OEM R67 Approved Light weight bottle joining kit and 0.75 meter long Lightweight fill hose.  This fill hose system requires simple self assembly which takes a few minutes with hand tools so it can be easily shortened to the exact length you need.

 For assembly of the GAS IT OEM specification Lightweight fill hose we have full 'how to assemble instructions' here on the GAS IT knowledgebase - Click here to visit the knowledgebase section. 

These GAS IT Refillable products are regularly used in the Caravan, Motorhome, Road Repair, Catering and Farrier industries. Our GAS IT Technical team can advise you of all our GAS IT items functionality and regulation compatibility within your industry and use. We can even work with you on designing a GAS IT system unique to your needs.

These items are our own, newly manufactured and GAS IT branded stock


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