ELECTRIC-450 x 160 Ltr GAS IT Horizontal Vapour Tank ( Un Valved )

ELECTRIC-450 x 160 Ltr GAS IT Horizontal Vapour Tank ( Un Valved )
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Valves & Airbox supplied loose for self fit. Special Order Product - All Items None Returnable -£5.00
£409.24 £327.38

Product Information

During the Coronavirus period as we have limited staff at GAS IT HQ this tank currently comes with no valves fitted in the tank, they are supplied separatly / loose for you to self fit ( with a price reduction )  

Before buying the tank and separate valves, please visit the GAS IT Knowledgebase here where we have instructions on fitment of the valved. https://www.gasit.co.uk/support/knowledgebase.php?category=35  )

This tank and loose valves is a special order product and the tank and valves are exempt from our normal returns procedure and thus cannot be returned.

Please make sure this tank 100% fits the location and vehicle you have before purchase as special order items are exempt from normal returns under UK government guidelines.

If your not sure it 100% fits or your unable to fit the valves in the tank we ask that at this time you please do not purchase this item.

If your new to our Remote Electric Shut off tanks here's a couple of things to remember  :

1) When buying this tank you will need some way of turning the remote operated electric valve on and off so please Visit our GAS IT Electronics & Controllers - Low Voltage category by clicking here to see the options available to you.

2) The outlet of our GAS IT Electric valve is completely different to our normal pigtails available so we have 2 pigtail options. a) A traditional flexible pigtail available in 3 lengths under our Part Number GI-PT-022-C to GI-PT-024-C  and option b ) A specific approved all copper version pigtail, which can be formed easily, under our Part Number - GI-PT-COP-001  to GI-PT-COP-004.


160 ltr GAS IT Vapour tank.This Tanks come fully valved with the protective aluminium air box and is 450mm x 1119mm in size ( not including the air box )

These refillable Tanks are the quality 4 hole type as fitted by many OEMS around the UK and Europe. 

They are 160 ltr water capacity which means they hold 20% less than their listed amount due to automatic 80% float driven shut of filling valve in the tank when filled by Gas, meaning you will never over fill the tank even when only part of the gas has been used - They will always fill up to 80%

This listing is the 160 ltr tank and pre-installed valves & airbox only. You will need to buy other parts which are all available on our webshop to complete the install e.g. fill point, brackets, hoses, electronics and so on.

Fully EU approved.

The outlet of our GAS IT tanks and GAS IT gas bottle are all 21.8LH ( not POL ) which is known as the butane nut in the UK.

Please note the 450 diameter size is the size of the tank only and does not include the extra size of the valve box as seen in the picture.

Manufactured 09-17

In line with the N.C.C. CoP 306 and also the gas tank manufactures requirements, you must protect your GAS IT tank when mounting underneath the vehicle from mechanical damage caused by stones and road debris. A good quality rubberised underbody spray to help protect and prolong your gas tanks life, and the associated mounting system, from Stone chips and future rust must be applied on install.

We sell an underbody spray on our webshop for this application via the install tool and accessories category.  Please make sure the rubberised coating on the tank is checked at least once a year and recoated in any areas that have been washed away by general road wear.

Failure to protect the tank against stone chips and mechanical damage on install will invalidate any warranty on the tank and mounting system.

Please note that this GAS IT tank does not come with a mechanical or remote LED displays and senders level indicator.  Please visit the ‘GAS IT electronics & controller - Low voltage section’ of the GAS IT webshop to purchase your required gas level indicator of choice.

Product CodeGI-VT-024-SOL
ManufacturerGAS IT

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