Superseded, See Description - Hammerite Underbody Sealant With Added Waxoyl 600ml - (GI-WKS-013)

Superseded, See Description -  Hammerite Underbody Sealant With Added Waxoyl 600ml
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Product CodeGI-WKS-013
ManufacturerGAS IT

This part has been supereceded to GI-TEK-034


Hammerite Underbody Seal gives heavy duty protection for gas tanks when mounted underbody.

We've done extensive in house testing of this product on our GAS IT vapour tanks and found the product works well in all underneath applications plus you can trust Hammerite and Waxoyl to provide the easiest-to-use, longest lasting protection for your gas tanks, with no nagging doubts or concerns.

Hammerite Underbody Seal spray is designed to offer an extra durable flexible coating to protect against stone chip, and small debris damage and corrosion from minor scratches and its on our GAS IT's recommended products list as a necessity covering any of our underneath mounted GAS IT tanks and mounting systems to help protect them from stone chips and future salt / water corrosion.  We recommend a good liberal coating is given to all the red parts of the gas tank, putting several coats on the area's that you deem liable to excessive road debris damage.  All we suggest is that you don't spray on the tanks black airbox, only the red coating and tank frames if you have one.

In the N.C.C. Code Of Practice 306 it states all installations of gas tanks need to be sprayed to help protect against stone chip damage when the tank is mounted externally.

Hammerite Waxoyl Under Seal spray protects against stones, water and salt with proven corrosion resistance. The coating remains flexible and is a rubberised type of covering which will not crack or peel like most bitumen underbody seals do.

It also includes a powerful rust inhibitors based on the proven Waxoyl system which displace moisture and seals the surface against any possible corrosion to give lasting protection.

Features & Benefits:

  • Non-drip super smooth application
  • Forms a flexible weatherproof skin.
  • Free from gritty and abrasive particles
  • Kills old rust and helps prevents new rust.
  • Designed to protect metalwork from humidity, rain and rust.

It is a great and simple product from the well known rust and under seal manufactures Waxoyl, this spray on thick underbody spray which as we said also includes Waxoyl' proven wax solution is possibly one of the easiest ways to protect your GAS IT tank when its hidden under the vehicle.

About Hammerite:

Hammerite provide solutions for the decoration, protection and restoration of all metal. Hammerite was the first and is still the only dedicated specialist metalcare brand.

Given the right treatment, metal can last for generations. Whether it is iron, steel or galvanised/zinc metals, people love the timeless quality that metal brings. Hammerite understand the important roles that metal plays in your lives, but also understand that all types of metal are vulnerable to water, sunlight, frost, rust and physical damage. All metals need constant protection to keep them structurally strong and looking their best.

Metal needs regular treatment with specialist products to protect and care for it. You know that neglecting your metal is only storing up trouble and cost for the future. Therefore you want to do the job well so that your gas tank will remain looking good for longer. 

Your choice for Hammerite will keep your GAS IT tank looking good for longer without worry.


Shake the can well for 2 minutes before use.  Apply to a clean, dry, rust free surface. Spray from a distance of 20cm to 30cm, and coat with several layers ( allowing recommended time to dry between each layer )  After use turn the can upside down and spray till only gas is coming out. Important: Do not spray on the exhaust or brake systems, motor or movable parts. 

Follow instructions on the can incase changes have been made.

Important Note:

We must say this is a rubberised, flexible under seal with added Waxoyl and it is not to be confused with traditional Waxoyl on its own as it only offers a waxy coating which on very exposed will wash away with ease.  This under seal with Waxoyl will not.

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