GAS IT EASYFILL© Gas bottles are designed to be removed from the vehicle and refilled directly on the bottle at a garage forecourt or autogas station.  They have all the required safety features, parts and are approved to the correct regulations needed for a direct fill gas bottle. 

Our GAS IT bottles are certified as gas bottles and are not certifieid as R67 gas bottle shaped cylinders. We can't certify our EASYFILL gas bottles as R67 certified gas bottles because legally R67 gas cylinders are not allowed to be removed from the vehicle for filling - they have to be permanently fixed to the vehicle. ( As confirmed by the N.C.C. and UKLPG and User Information Sheet 026 )

Filling a GAS IT EASYFILL© is....Well....Easy.

All GAS IT bottles, including our GAS IT EASYFILL© range, are fitted with the GAS IT OEM specification 80% shut off valve that will only allow you to fill the gas bottle back up to to its 80% level all of the time, no matter how much gas you used previously.  Its also got a built in automatic shut off valve so when you release the Autogas fill gun, it shuts off the fill feature. 

We have developed 2 types of GAS IT EASYFIT© gas bottles ( in both 6kg & 11kg size) - EASYFILL SKY©, EASYFILL HORIZON©   The same 2 types of GAS IT EASYFILL© bottle fitting's can be retrofitted to any previously bought GAS IT refillable gas bottle or any other brand of refillable gas bottles with a Fast fill hose elbow on the bottle.

All our GAS IT direct fill bottles come with the required gas bottle markings and they also come with the 2 x requored sealing caps for the fill valve and the outlet tap. These 2 solid brass sealing caps, protect the outlet tap ( where you pigtail connects to ) and also seal the on bottle fillpoint to help reduce the risk of leaking from any of the gas connections when the EASYFILL bottle is not in use.

The difference between our 2 types of GAS IT EASYFILL© bottles and their individual fill valves are as follows.

1) EASYFILL SKY©.               This fillpoint points skywards and makes for a easy and practical connection of the Autogas fill gun no matter how strong you are as all the connection force when putting the fill gun on the bottle is pushed downwards and so it stops the bottle fidgeting around.

2) EASY FILL HORIZON©.         This fillpoint lays horizontal on the gas bottle and makes for a great connection point when filling from the side.


Whilst filling directly on the bottle is now a recognised and allowed practice in the UK with the right approved gas bottles and accessories, some LPG forecourts and Autogas service stations might not allow this practice in their own terms and conditions and we have no control over this.  We can also not confirm if you are allowed to fill these types of bottles outside of the UK.


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