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Do you have any questions before or after buying a GAS IT system?    

Well you've come to the perfect place to get them answered.

Here at GAS IT we have 2 easy methods of getting you the information help and support you want 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without the actual need to call anyone.  

The first place to look before or after buying any refillable gas bottle or gas tank system is to visit our very popular GAS IT YouTube videos section.  The GAS IT video's 'paint a thousand words' and cover many things from how to tighten up a olive to 'what do i need when ordering a GAS IT tank or gas bottle kit'.   The GAS IT YouTube site is continually growing with content so its worth popping back every now and again to see what's new.

 The next place to go to answer your questions is our GAS IT knowledge base were we have many interactive answers to your questions.  The GAS IT knowledge base grows automatically by using your questions and our answers which builds the knowledge database.

Now there is a 3rd otion should you have a specific question or 2 which is to contact our GAS IT HQ Technical support department via our easy to use GAS IT Technical Support Ticket System.  The GAS IT Technical Support Ticket System is a simple system to use and offers control for yourselves and GAS IT's Technical Team plus being independent of an email system no one suffers any email's being lost due to incorrect spam filtering.

This 'GAS IT Ticket System' allows both parties to keep a track of any technical questions you have now and in the future and its all in one easy to find location that you can keep coming back to as many times as you want.  The ticket system allows pictures and files to be easily uploaded.

The GAS IT Technical Support Ticket System is technology and security concious.  It works by automatically sending over your questions to our Team here at GAS IT H.Q.  Once you've submitted your question any replies are then advises to you by email that we have received it and when we answer your questionsit again send notification by email that we have done. Don't forget as its fully independent of any email system you can come back and log back in to your Ticket (s) as many times as you want.  So to get started it is a simple case of clicking the technical support link below, then click ' Submit a question ticket' , fill in the required sections ( even add picture or 2 if need be ) then we'll do the rest.  If you have submitted a support ticket anytime in the past and want to keep track of it at anytime, you can always click the 'view existing ticket' button. 

Please note that with the ticket section there might be a delay in our replying during busy times of the year or due to staff being away on business with no internet access, so please bear with us should there be a delay. Worse case you can always call the GAS IT sales office on 01286 832443 who might be able to help.


To visit our GAS IT YouTube site,

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To visit our GAS IT Knowledgebase & Technical Support Ticket System,

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