Angled Bracket EASYFIT Fill System - (GI-0012A)

Angled Bracket EASYFIT Fill System
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Product CodeGI-0012A
ManufacturerGAS IT

Not all fill points systems are the same and with our GAS IT EASYFIT fill system you do not have to modify the outside of your vehicle.

Our GAS IT easy fit fill point kit is unique to our GAS IT Dealer in that it fully complies with EU and UK regulations. Our GAS IT EASYFIT Fill system is NOT directly connected to the bottle ( it uses a fully approved R67 Fill hose ) and we also include a covered on the fill point to stop any dirt contamination - In line with R67 regulations needs, so that's why our GAS IT type of in easy fit point and mounting system is still OK for use in the UK, France, and other EU countries whereas others are not. 

If you don't want to have to drill the body to fit a full-body mount remote fill point for your gas bottle and make body modifications but you do want to fill anywhere and comply with all UK and EU regulations and advise notices from all the major LPG and HSE organisations when it comes to refilling gas bottles, then this is the parts kit you need for your approved refillable bottles from GAS IT, Gaslow and others ( NOT FOR USE WITH A SAFE FILL BOTTLE) 

Our GAS IT ‘Easy fit’ Angled Bracket Remote filling system comes with all the parts you need to have a mounted fill point separate from the Gas bottle and which means you can fill at any LPG forecourt or gas station and comply with all regs. 

It is simple to fit item that needs no major tools or modification to your vehicle. It will work on any leisure or commercial vehicle or caravan. 

This GAS IT Remote Easyfit comes with – 

0.75 Mtr GAS IT OEM SAE spec E67.01 approved LPG Fill hose (direct from bottle and fill point) 

An Angled OEM Spec Brass Fill point 

GAS IT square dust cover to protect fill point with fixings

GAS IT Heavy Duty ANGLED fill point mounting bracket – galvanized and pre-drilled (straight version remote easy fill kit available in separate listing).

This GAS IT EASYFIT fill bracket kit will only work with the major brands of refillable Gas bottles that are designed for refilling and that are fitted with a separate 80% shut off valve and gas outlet (NOT Safefill who only have one valve in the tank and cannot be remotely refilled). 


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Even i fitted it

I have a motorhome and bought one of these In locker kits to fit to my Gaslow bottle which came with a direct fill point because i was fed up of getting refused to fill up every where i went. Since fitting this i've not had a problem with filling anywhere, even when returning to the garages that stopped me with my gaslow direct fillpoint. Don't buy a direct gaslow buy a GAS IT in locker fillpoint is my advice. (Feb 14 2013, 19:30 pm)
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