GAS IT Loyalty scheme on all webshop orders - How to use.

“What do GAS IT Webshop purchases make, we hear you say?  More GAS IT goods for free is our answer!”

We've added a really great new feature to our GAS IT webshop which now gives you loyalty points on all your new GAS IT webshop product purchases ( from 26th Feb '18 ) which you can then spend on future GAS IT webshop product purchases.

To use the points in the future is really simple.  The next time you order off the GAS IT webshop you will see in the basket section the number and value of points you have available which is shown in a drop down menu below the total of the GAS IT products you have ordered.  Depending how much the new products are in valve will determin how many points you can use ( if you have 100 points but only add something to your basket for 10p then you can only use 10 points )

To see how many points you have earned and and thier value, just look at any GAS IT product description and above the text you will see the number of points and the monetary value which you can earn should you buy that GAS IT item.  These points and money value can then be used against your future purchases from our webshop.  

After your purchase you can see the reward points you have earned on this and your other previous GAS IT webshop purchases under the Loyalty Scheme tab in your webshop account profile section ( see below ). 

When you then buy something later on our webshop you can choose to use some of, or all of these previously earned points against your new webshop shopping basket total.  

Don't forget this does not replace your GAS IT Club or Forum discount codes. They are still in place and can be used anytime even with our loyalty points, so you can get discount and earn loyalty points - it’s a win, win.



Here's our straight forward Loyalty Rewards terms and conditions : The GAS IT loyalty points and their monetary value are gained on GAS IT webshop product purchases only.  Your can only spend your previously earned loyalty points on future GAS IT webshop product orders and not on email or telephone orders as points are allocated and managed automatically by the webshop itself.  They have no monetary value outside of our webshop purchase loyalty scheme. Your earned points are yours can not be given or transferred to anyone else.  All earned points and value must be used within 6 months of earning date otherwise they will be canceled automatically.


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