PowerFresh Mint Smoke Away Air Freshner 750ml

PowerFresh Mint Smoke Away Air Freshner 750ml
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POWER FRESH SMOKE AWAY A delicately minty fragranced air freshener and deodoriser, highly effective against a wide range of bad odours such as tobacco, but also including pet odours, sulphurous smells, kitchen and bathroom odours. Nilco Smoke Away does not merely mask the odour with a fragrance, but forms a chemical complex with the organic odour molecules, removing them from the air.

DIRECTIONS: Power Fresh is particularly suitable where there is a need to fragrance large areas, or eliminate pungent odours quickly and effectively. Power Fresh leaves a lingering fine fragrance which combats odours for long periods. To increase fragrance life still further it can be sprayed on to fabrics, although an inconspicuous test area should be tried first to ensure colour fastness. Because of the effectiveness of the fragrance it is recommended that a room is left unoccupied for a short period after application, to allow the fragrance to disperse, settle and mature. Spray one short burst around the room, pointing the nozzle upwards and away from the body. Do not spray on polished surfaces. Remove any overspray with a damp cloth.



Product CodeGI-SVTN750SASR
ManufacturerEagle Professional Products

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