Smart Power Save ECU, Switch & Sender Kit for Electric Outlet Tanks.

Smart Power Save ECU, Switch & Sender Kit for Electric Outlet Tanks.
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Product Information

Do you have a GAS IT tank with one of our 12 volt high flow electric remote solenoid shut off valves pre-fitted directly in the tank ( There will be no manual tap outlet fitted )?

Do you want to leave your gas tank switch on ( open ) via the remotely operated 12 volt solenoid valve for long periods of time, whilst your parked or your driving but want to turn it off remotely with ease when you choose to?

Do you want to see the amount of gas left inside your Gas tank with a suppled 9 LED Contents indicator?


If the answer to the above 3 questions is YES then our GAS IT manufactured and fully assembled and developed Smart Power Save Ultra Low Current ECU Tank Solenoid Valve Switch Kit has all the bells and whistles and is the one for you.

This Electronic Tank Solenoid Valve Switch Kit includes the GAS IT manufactuered Smart Power Save Ultra Low Current Electronic Control Unit (ECU) with our market leading Smart Power Saving feature, so when you activate the tanks solenoid valve by pressing the 9 LED switch in this kit, our GAS IT Smart Power Save Ultra Low Current Electronic ECU will go into immediate Smart Power Saving mode significantly reducing the standard high current consumption of the tanks fitted high flow solenoid and power saves down to a very manageable Ultra Low Current draw which will dramatically extend your vehicles battery life when the gas tank is in use to keep your gas fridge or gas appliances running.  Without this Smart Power Saving Ultra Low Current Electronic ECU, the standard Solenoid can draw in excess of 1.5 amps which will flatten your vehicle battery in just a few hours. 

This complete GAS IT Smart Power Saving Electronics kit comes fully assembled with push on terminals and includes our special Solenoid 9 LED switch, gas tank 0-95 ohm tank sender and our power saving Ultra Low Current Electronic ECU plus simple to follow digrams to show which of the small hand full of plugs go where where. ( Its our top of the range complete kit for use with a GAS IT tank with pre fitted remote solenoid unit only )

Includes :

1 x GAS IT Smart Power Saving Ultra Low Current Electronic Control Unit (ECU) - Manufactuerd here in Wales.

1 x 9 LED Switched Display gas level indicator.  (GI-ACCS-023-S-O)

1 x 0-95 ohm tank gas level sender  (GI-ACCS-022)

1 x Instruction & Diagram Manual - ( GI-MAN-003 )

This Smart Power Save ULCD ECU switch kit comes fully assembly, pre wired and only needs you to plug the small handful of coloured wires from the ULCD ECU to the 9 LED switch, to the tanks sender unit and finally the tanks shut off solenoid. 

When fitted on Motorhome manufacturers production lines or in your own camper build you can remotely site with ease our Smart Power Save electronics ECU away from the switch and LED Display in a common area where all your vehicle electronics are.

Product CodeGI-ELE-011-ASSM
ManufacturerGAS IT

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