VW Crafter 200 x 30Ltr GAS IT System 2006 - 2017 - (GI-VT-003-KIT-VW)

VW Crafter 200 x 30Ltr GAS IT System 2006 - 2017
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Product CodeGI-VT-003-KIT-VW
ManufacturerGAS IT
This GAS IT product is available to pre-order now and is expected to be instock with us on 22 Mar 2019

If your wanting to fit a GAS IT EASYFIT gas tank as a retrofit item to a VW Crafter, then this is one of the options avaible to you.

Our in house developed OEM specification GAS IT EASYFIT tank system has been designed to locate the 30 ltr GAS IT tank under the rear drivers side ( RH drive vehicles ) via the 4 GAS IT specific vehicle type brackets and require no welding or cutting. They fit under the driver's side on right hand drive vehicles and fix with each to the cross members. Always have a look to make sure there are no other factory options like AdBlue tanks, side steps and so forth that are fitted in the same location and that edge from edge measurements are 550mm Cross members - see picture. 

Our GAS IT Chassis brackets for retrofit installations don't require insulated floors to be cut or modified as they bolt directly through the outriger cross member's which then allow our quick install feeted GAS IT tank to be fixed to the vehicle. Our EASYFIT gas tank's allow 1 man installation and quick and easy removal should you need to in the future for jobs like repainting the van which would go into an oven.   All fixing's to bolt the tank mounting frame to the vehicle and the GAS IT tank to the mounting system are provided. We also sell installtion tools like drill bits, stone guard, gloves and safety glasses to name just 4 to aid you on our webshop )

On completion, your installation will not only comply with the relevant road vehicle gas regulations for the UK and Europe, but it will exceed their technical requirements and make your GAS IT tank safe and legal for use on the roads.

If you want a different GAS IT tank size from this 30 ltr EASYFIT gas tank, then we also offer the option of using a 20, 25, or even 38 ltr GAS IT EASYFIT gas tank.  

Options available to select on our website include various fill point options and colours, underbody tank spray, stainless pigtail lenghts and regulator options.

As all GAS IT tanks are fitted with automatic excess flow valves in the inlet and outlets of the tank, It complies with the EN1949 regulations which states you do not need to fit a crash sensing regulator to run your gas whilst moving ( assuming your gas appliance system its approved to be used whilst vehicle is in motion.)

In line with the N.C.C. CoP 306 and also the gas tank manufactures requirements, you must protect your GAS IT tank when mounting underneath the vehicle from mechanical damage caused by stones and road debris. A good quality rubberised underbody spray to help protect and prolong your gas tanks life, and the associated mounting system, from Stone chips and future rust must be applied on install.

We sell an underbody spray on our webshop for this application via the install tool and accessories category.  Please make sure the rubberised coating on the tank is checked at least once a year and recoated in any areas that have been washed away by general road wear.

Failure to protect the tank against stone chips and mechanical damage on install will invalidate any warranty on the tank and mounting system.

The GAS IT gas tank kit is a full 30 ltr gas tank kit with a undersill fillpoint system ( drivers side) which does not require the body to be drilled to fit a fillpoint mounting box  :- 
1x (GI-VT-003-F-S-C) 30Ltr GAS IT fully valved tank with black powder coated airbox & factory fixed mounted feet.
1x (GI-TF-067-KIT) Set of Heavy duty vehicle specific chassis mounting brackets.
1x (GI-0083) Chassis bracket fitting kit - M10 ISO bolts, washers, nuts.
1x (GI-FH-048) 1.5 mtr OEM R67 approved lightweight filler hose.
1x (GI-FP-009-S) Fill point mounting bracket
1x (GI-FP-002) Brass fill point with 90° outlet
1x (GI-FP-010) Fill point dust cover
1x (GI-TOOL-017) Leak Test Spray 10ml 
1x (GI-STICK-008) LPG Saftey Sticker for LPG Tank
Before buying this system, we always recommend you make sure the location where the GAS IT EASYFIT gas tank is designed to fit is not already used by the vehicle manufactuers for AdBlue tanks, water or waste tanks, steps and so forth, and that the gap between each cross member as per the bracket measurments in this kit.

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