VW T5 & T6 EASYFIT 15 Ltr Bolt on tank kit - Manual Outlet Tap

VW T5 & T6 EASYFIT 15 Ltr Bolt on tank kit - Manual Outlet Tap
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Product Information
Currently out of stock but available on preorder purchase. This GAS IT item is expected back in stock on 27 Oct 2020

Buy this tank with self fit valve option and enjoy a significant price reduction.

This tank is available to buy either fully totally pre-valved by us or with all the valves supplied separately for you to self fit with a significant price reduction. ( Valve fitting instructions available here on line at the GAS IT knowledgbase -https://www.gasit.co.uk/support/knowledgebase.php?category=35 )   Due to the type of pressure vessel equipment this tank & valves are, both options are a special order item and cannot be returned.

The worlds first by GAS IT yet again - A 4 hole 15 ltr vapour tank with EASYFIT feet, oddles of safety and quality features built right in.

This product listing is for the complete VW T5 & T6 EASYFIT tank with the Manual Gas Outlet Tap outlet. 9 LED Switched display and 0-95 ohm waterproof tank sender, LPG Fill hose, Pigtail, bumper mounted Fill point system, 30 mb LPG 2 stage Regulator with 5 year warranty, 2 core wire from switch to tank and all the Nuts, Bolts and Washers needed to install the system. 

We also sell a Remote operated electrci Outlet Version of this tank in the vehicle specific section of our webshop.

  • Bolt the 15 ltr EASYFIT tank directly through the floor under the rear of the VW T5 & T6 fitted where the 4 motion rear diff would normally be in front of the spare tire, via the proven EASYFIT tank mounted feet system which comes welded directly to the tank at manufacture - No separate frame or round tank ring mount system, No special RIV Nuts or tools needed - Just a drill & M10 drill bit, the included M10 bolts and that's it - Your GAS IT 15 ltr EASYFIT tank is installed, safely and legally.
  • When installed the GAS IT EASYFIT tank sits higher than the rear anti roll bar by 2 inches and even higher than the spare wheel so its perfect for standard and even slammed / lowered VW's as it won't get hit or caught when camping in a field or at shows.
  • Higher flow rate on the outlet than any other 15 ltr tank on the market - No freezing or supply issues
  • Impeccable proven safety record with over 25 years of sales of GAS IT Tanks with the same top quality safety features designed into every GAS IT tank we manufacture and sell.
  • Includes central mounted built in 22mm wide OEM specification Liquid Phase Separator and liquid stopping Labyrinth system offering higher park angle and travel angles than any other 15 ltr tank - so no liquid will leave the tank. 
  • This 15 ltr tank comes in a Manual outlet tap version or Electric Remote Shut Off Outlet version. ( see EASYFIT tank listings on our website for the Manual Outlet Version of this 15 Ltr EASYFIT tank.)
  • GAS IT's Own Reliable OEM specification switched 9 LED display 0-95 ohm waterproof gas level sender in tank - with less than 0.001 % product failure rate in over 20 years of selling them.
  • Installed in Minutes with no special tools, special nuts and bolt or equipment.
  • Pressure checked on assembly at GAS IT HQ to 10 bar ( 145 psi ) before being fully leak checked before all tank valves undergo fully function testing.

The VW T5 EASYFIT tank is our simple bolted to the tank to the floor option which is by far our easiest and most sold method of fixing a gas tank to the underneath of your vehicle on the market to date.  Our VW T5 & T6 15 ltr tank kit requires no separately manufactured brackets or tank fittings at all as the tank comes manufactured with our 25+ year proven EASYFIT dedicated mounting feet pre welded to the tank at manufacture. We have been selling GAS IT tanks with this EASYFIT tank mounting feet system for over 25 years and they are a OEM fitment on many new vehicle manufactures due to the safety and legal status they offer. All you need to do is drill 4 holes through the rear floor of your VW T5, just in front of the spare wheel, and then drop the 4 supplied M10 bolts and washers through the holes you have drilled in the floor direct to the EASYFIT feet on the tank, tighten the 4 bolts and that's it, your GAS IT EASYFIT Tank is in.  This means you have no tank bracket that might be out of adjustment, no extra weight of a tank frame and when installed with just 4 bolts our EASYFIT tank fully complies with the legal requirements of M1/N1 under R67 and Constructions and Use.  Simple!

This bolted directly to the floor method of fitment is perfect for new builds or on VW's T5's with rear rock and roll bed or rear seat in place as the holes for the bolts to the tank feet are usually located out of the way under these area's, so the holes are out of sight and out of mind which means you don't need to worry that you have removed a hole in your insulated floor to allow the bolts to go down to the steel floor panel below. If you don't have a rear rock and roll bed or rear seat and the vehicle insulted floor is already in place we do sell our Through floor VW brackets, which are installed before any floor is put in or on retrofit ( should you not want to bolt directly through the floor, we have our really simple cross member bracket kit that still works with our 15 ltr EASYFIT tank but allows you to fix it without drilling through the floor. Check out our VW T5 Cross member tank listing on the GAS IT webshop.

This GAS IT 15 Ltr VW T5 & T6 tank kit comes with :

1 X GAS IT EASYFIT 15 ltr 4 hole O.E. quality gas tank with pre installed feet and pre installed Manual Gas Outlet Valve With Built in Automatic excess Flow valve - All GAS IT tanks are Pressure checked on assembly at GAS IT HQ to 10 bar ( 145 psi ) before being fully leak checked, then all tank valves under go fully function testing before being stored for sale.

4 x M10 x 30mm Long Bolts

4 x M10 Penny Washers ( 1.5mm x 30mm )

1 x 9 LED Contents display and Switch, Waterproof Tank 0-95 ohm sender, 2 core cable for tank to 9 LED Switch Display.

1 x 500mm Stainless Steel Pigtail ( from tank tap to regualtor.)

1 x 30mb x 1.5kg/hr 8mm outlet 2 Stage LPG Regulator.

1 x 1.3mtr R67 approved fill hose.

1 X rear bumper Fill point kit - Fillpoint, straight mounting bracket, dirt & dust cover - capable of withstanding required 500NM failsafe pull.

1x (GI-SPR-001) GAS IT Black Gas Tank & Underbody Coating Spray 500ml

Our 9 LED Switch and tank sender unit needs connecting together with the the included 2 core tank wiring 0-95 ohm waterproof sender unit. ( Just 2 wires at tank end and 2 wires at Display end.

A bit about GAS IT tanks and and why they have become the O.E.M. 'Go To' tank brand used by the well known new vehicle manufactures who have choosen to fit them on their production lines.

When it comes to GAS IT vapour tanks we are never willing to cut corners with quality and safety just to try and compete on price with lesser quality vapour tanks in the market, and this new R67 approved 15 ltr GAS IT EASYFIT tank is no different. From the outset it has been designed and built to our same philosophy and with the same safety features that all the GAS IT tanks have enjoyed for over 25 years. This newly designed and manufactured small 15 ltr O.E.M. specification 4 hole vapour tank also has our 25+ year proven EASYFIT feet mounting system and naturally comes with a high rate vapour take off system as standard. 

This new small 15 ltr GAS IT tank comes with the same great functionality, high flow rate on the outlet, proven product reliability and has our proven and impeccable safety features built in which has been enjoyed by all the range GAS IT vapour tanks for many years.  All these features, functions and proven history in the refillable tank market is why GAS IT tanks are still the only brand the majority of the new leisure, road repair, catering and special vehicle manufactures choose to fit on their new vehicle production lines.

In its size class, this new GAS IT 15 ltr vapour tank has the highest output and flow rate allowing it to run significantly more appliances than any other 15 ltr tank in the UK & Europe. It also has the highest level of safest built in when it comes to actually only allowing LPG vapour out of the tank due to the unique design, location and size of our large 22mm built in liquid phase separator and liquid stopping labyrinth system - Solving the well known horrible LPG Condensate and Oily Contamination problems getting to your Regulator which small diameter metal vapour pick up tubes suffer with.

This 15 ltr GAS IT tank is small enough to go under most vehicles with little space available and being a family member of our EASYFIT range of feeted gas tanks it is so easy to install in just minutes not hours.

In use our GAS IT EASYFIT 200 mm diameter x 15 ltr vapour gas tank's fit direct underneath your vehicle freeing up vital space where your gas bottles would usually be, whilst also putting the high pressure gas out of harms way.  GAS IT tanks can be filled at Autogas or LPG stations anywhere in the world via the vehicles fitted LPG fill point so they are super easy to use anywhere in the world plus there is no lifting and changing gas bottles.

This tank listing is for our Manually operated Outlet Version which has a high flow electrically operated, high pressure, Manual tap with built in Automatically operated excess flow valve so should the pigtail be left off or gets undone without turning the gas off, the tank will shut the gas off in a controlled manor automatically with no input from the vehicle user.

Fitment of this EASYFIT gas tank to the vehicle is via the gas tanks own, pre-factory fitted fee, meaning you have a quick, safe and strong mounted gas tank. EASYFIT gas tanks from GAS IT are fitted by many vehicle manufactures in various market sectors in the UK due to there incredibly quick install speed using only single installer personnel.  EASYFIT gas tanks require no separate straps, hoops or frames for mounting and fixing to a vehicle is simple as they only require 4 x M10 bolts & penny washers for fixing through the vehicles steel floor to comply with N1/M1 legal fixing requirements. We also sell OEM Cross member or our Through floor brackets specifically for the VW T5 / T6. If your fitment choice is our most common which is directly bolting the tank in place through a steel floor we always recommend this is done in a location where you can gain access to the bolts ( with ease ) at any time in the future.  This is so the tank, which might need to be removed due to damage to it or when the vehicle goes in to a paint shop ( a hot Paint oven ) or in 10 years time when the tank needs retesting it can be removed without having to worry about lifting internal floors or fitted furniture.  So if in the future you are unable to gain access to the bolts you fit ( when fitting a wooden floor over it for example ) we recommend you drill core holes to gain access to the bolts to the tank or use our GAS IT through floor mounting system which allows the tank to be removed at anytime from under the vehicle so no internal access is needed

EASYFIT© gas tanks come pre-valved, Pressure checked to 10 bar - 145psi, leak tested and with its own manufacturing and approvals certificate plus we sell them with our unique anti corrosion black powder coated protective aluminium valve protection air box.

In line with the N.C.C. CoP 306 and also the gas tank manufactures requirements, you must protect your GAS IT tank when mounting underneath the vehicle from mechanical damage caused by stones and road debris. A good quality rubberised underbody spray to help protect and prolong your gas tanks life, and the associated mounting system, from Stone chips and future rust must be applied on install.

We sell an underbody spray on our webshop for this application via the install tool and accessories category.  Please make sure the rubberised coating on the tank is checked at least once a year and recoated in any areas that have been washed away by general road wear.

Failure to protect the tank against stone chips and mechanical damage on install will invalidate any warranty on the tank and mounting system.

Tank Diameter ( not including valve box )200mm     
Tank Length550mm
Black Valve Box Size (To be added to overall Tank diameter )90mm
Water Capacity15 litres
Maximum Gas Capacity at 80% fill12 ltrs
Gas Weight at 80% fillTBC







All GAS IT self refillable gas tanks are fitted with an automatic 80% float driven shut off filling valve, meaning it will automatically shut off the filling gas pump when the GAS IT tank becomes 80% full.


Please note the diameter quoted is the size of the tank only and does not include the extra size of the valve box on the side as seen in the picture.  All sizes are approximate.

Product CodeGI-VT-025-KIT-VW
ManufacturerGAS IT

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