6kg Gen2 Twin Refillable Bottle Including a BLACK Body Mount Fillpoint System

6kg Gen2 Twin Refillable Bottle Including a BLACK Body Mount Fillpoint System
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6kg Gen2 Twin Refillable Bottle Including a BLACK Body Mount Fillpoint System

GAS IT Gen2 Self Refillable gas bottle are easy to use, save you money and are super convenient to use and fill up

What makes the GAS IT refillable gas bottle system stand out above the rest.

 Easy to install

 Cheap to refill

 Refill with ease anywhere using everyday Autogas - including Europe

 No Lifting and carrying of exchange gas bottles.

 No having to send back part filled exchange bottles, just incase you need more gas on the next trip.

 Gas Level Indicator Options Available. This bottles comes with no gas level indicator as standard. You have the choice of selecting a clip on mechanical gas level indicator or the Truma Bluetooth gas level sender which will show you the gas level when fitted to the bottle. Please note : No mechanical gas level indicator, in any brand of gas bottle, can read from the very bottom to the very top of the gas level. For a more accurate and remote reading capability, from the top to the bottom of the bottle, we recommended the Truma Bluetooth Ultrasonic gas level sensor or you can in the future buy the Bluetooth sensor separately option and upgrade at a later date.

This GAS IT brand of 11kg Refillable gas bottle is designed to be refilled with cheap Autogas at any Autogas/ LPG station in the UK and Europe.  Autogas is normally sold several times cheaper than renting and exchange your normal brand of exchange gas bottles plus you have the luxury of being able to fill up when you want, and where you want. so you'll never run out of gas again.

GAS IT bottles and valve system are manufactured in Europe and are fitted with an automatic 80% shut off fill system, meaning you simply attach the Autogas pump to your vehicle mounted LPG fillpoint, and when the gas bottle is 80% full, it stops filling.

With GAS IT's proven refillable bottle meaning you can fill up when. and where you want.

The 2 connections - inlet and outlet, on the GAS IT bottle are the standard refillable elbow with LPG connection fitting identical to our other GAS IT bottles and GAS IT tanks, plus Gaslow, Alugas, Prakto and many more, meaning partnering them with your existing refillable bottle is possible.  

Do you want to keep your existing exchange type bottle as a spare, or use it till you've used all the gas in it?  No problem.  Its easy to have any mixture of GAS IT self refillable bottles and exchange type gas bottles.

Here's the GAS IT technical bit.

The gas outlet on the manual tap of this GAS IT Bottle is the UK specification 109 nut (21.8 LH) thread which is known as the butane nut & fitting. If you have a large blue gas bottle currently you will be fine but if you have a red bottle Propane pigtail (UK POL) fitted to your existing gas install, then you can either buy a separate new 21.8 LH pigtail or a pol to 21.8LH adaptor - both are available from ourselves at an small extra cost.

 These GAS IT Refillable products are regularly used in the Caravan, Motorhome, Road Repair, Catering and Farrier industries. Our GAS IT Technical team can advise you of all our GAS IT items functionality and regulation compatibility within your industry and use. We can even work with you on designing a GAS IT system unique to your needs.

 This is our comprehensive, top quality GAS IT Twin 6kg Refillable Gas bottle kit for Caravans or Motorhomes with Remote fillpoint system

 This Twin GAS IT brand of 11kg Refillable gas bottle is fitted float level / content controlled and displayed on bottle outlet flow valved outlet and comes with the standard refillable elbow with fitting identical to our other bottles and Gaslow, Caratank and so forth.

These Refillable gas bottles can be partnered up with the identical Gaslow type so you are sure of absolute compatibility should you decide to have more than one bottle fitted.

This bottle also works with the Gaslow, Caratank and GAS IT fillpoints, hoses, fitting and so forth.

The specification of these 6kg refillable bottle is as follows :-

 Fills to approximately 12.5 litres (at 80% full)

 Height: 492mm height x 246mm diameter.

 Empty Cylinder Weight: 7 Kg approx

 Material: Steel

GAS IT Gen2 6kg twin bottles with body mounted fill system


Consists of:-

2 x GI-VB-001-S   - 6kg Gen2 Bottles

1 x FP-002   -Angled UK fill bayonet SAE

1 x FP-015-B   - 70mm BLACK fill box

1 x STICK-001  - Body ring sticker

2.50mtrs x AUX-024 - Lightweight fill hose

3 x AUX-030  - STR SAE/8mm fitting

1 x AUX-028  - Equal 8mm 'T' for lightweight fill hose

For full information on how this GAS IT part works and functions plus how to install it, please visit the GAS IT Online Knowledgebase


Any sales questions please do not hesitate to email or call our GAS IT Sales on sales@gasit.co.uk or Telephone 01286 832443

Product CodeGI-VB-001-S-T-BM
ManufacturerGAS IT

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5

Excellent kit...easy to follow instructions too.

Purchased the 2 cylinder kit..remote fill, auto changeover regulator and pigtails to fit. Arrived by courier two days later..well pleased. Fitted with no problems after watching the videos and reading the instructions. I now have the easy method of getting LPG instead of relying on the right size full bottles being in stock. I can recommend anyone who can swap a bottle to consider this kit.Martin (Oct 14 2015, 13:43 pm)

loved the service

I got the bottles this morning thank you. Loved the service, the great low prices and the confidence the staff at gas it have with thier products. it all looks really top quality so i can't wait to install them this evening after work.Jon White (Apr 08 2013, 11:51 am)
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