200 Diameter EASYFIT Demountable through floor brackets

200 Diameter EASYFIT Demountable through floor brackets
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Please note these items do not come sprayed and are shipped in bare steel condition. Under NCC Code of Practice requirements the tank mounts (and gas tank) need to be coated with a good rubberised coating (underseal) when installed and we recommend the GAS IT black under seal part number GI-SPR-001. The picture is for reference only.


With a GAS IT EASYFIT gas tank you can simply bolt the tank to the vehicle using 4 x M10 bolts and washers and that's it to fully comply with all legislation and safety requirements but unless you can gain access to those 4 bolts again in the future and they are not under wooden floors then you won't be able to remove the tank should you need to send the vehicle to a body shop or the tank gets damaged. Our GAS IT Demountable Mounting System for EASYFIT 200 diameter Gas Tanks are perfect for mounting the 15 & 20 Ltr and up 200mm diameter GAS IT EASYFIT vapour tanks with feet and allow the tanks to be fitted and in the future removed by a single person anytime without needing access to the inside of the vehicle to remove the EASYFIT tanks.

GAS IT's Feeted tank Mounting System as used by many OEM's in the UK as its fully compliant to BS EN 12979 & ECE R67.01 -  which is legally needed when fitting a R67 LPG tank to a road going vehicle.

Each of our GAS IT Demountable Mounting Systems are made up of a 2 part system. The internal part consist of a engineered spacer bar fitted with 2 x 35mm M10 bolts, which is fitted internally so the 35mm bolts poke through the vehicles floor before the floor insulation is fitted, or if the floor is already in place, you could use them under beds, in cupboard's or any place they can be hidden when fitted. The 2nd part of our mounting system is fitted directly on our feeted tanks via M10 bolts and washer, and then fitment is simply a case of lifting the GAS IT tank up with the 2nd part fitted, up to the 35mm bolts and reuniting them. (Click here to visit the GAS IT knowledgebase for a fully downloadable document with pictures on an install with brackets similar to this type.)

This OEM specification GAS IT mounting system allows the GAS IT tank with directly Factory fitted feet, to be mounted quickly, easily and more securely than any other system available and it also allows the LPG tank to be removed in the future (for vehicle painting and so forth) without disturbing anything inside the Vehicle like false floors, insulated flooring, carpeting and so on.

This OEM Specification GAS IT mounting system does not require vehicle structural Cross members to be drilled under the vehicle, it is a one man job as it is mounted via 4 x M10 holes are drilled in to the van's flooring, plus when used with GAS IT's included nuts, bolts and washers complies with the BS EN 12979, EN 1942:2011 and ECE R67.01

This kit includes all the relevant parts (M10 nuts, M10 bolts, M10 washers) for fitting a GAS IT 200 diameter Vapour tank under a vehicle - The brackets come in bare metal and are not painted as in the picture.

These 200 diameter demountable through floor mounting brackets will ONLY fit the GAS IT EASYFIT 15 Ltr & 20 Ltr and up 200 diameter GAS IT EASYFIT tanks.



Product CodeGI-TF-078-KIT
ManufacturerGAS IT

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