Forum & Club's Discount codes

At GAS IT, we are more than happy to support your Forum and Clubs by offering its members discounts on the GAS IT products we sell.

All you need to do is get the people who run you Forum or Club to email us at with your Forum or Club details and we will set them up within 24 hours so all your registered members can enjoy all the GAS IT Products with your Forum or Club GAS IT Discount codes.

Discount / Coupon codes Terms and Conditions

For certain GAS IT groups of customers we have provided discount codes to allow them to receive lower prices on webshop purchases. These codes are placed in the Coupon / Discount section of the basket and they allow prices to be lowered on the GAS IT products bought ( they do not apply to shipping )

These codes and discounts are issued in good faith and are not to be classed a permanent feature as we have the right to remove them without notice at any time should needs arise.

Discount Codes / Coupon Codes are on webshop purchases only.

Discount Codes / Coupon Codes cannot be used in conjunction with any products listed in GAS IT promotions / sales offers that are currently running. Should you purchase any items within the promotion we are running and use your discount code at the same time on any webshop purchase your purchase will be null and void. Before canceling the order we will contact you (via email or phone ) to ask you if you want to continue with the purchase ( after the amount your discount code gave you has been removed form the sale ). If you wish to continue the extra amount initially deducted by your used discount code will need to be paid in full before the goods can be shipped.  If you choose to cancel the order a full refund of the amount you paid will be given.

If you have any questions please contact GAS IT Sales before placing the order and using your code.     Tel:01286 832443