Demountable brackets for 15 ltr GAS IT tanks

Optional 15 Ltr EASYFIT GAS IT tank Demountable through floor brackets - (GI-TF-078-KIT)

If you feel that in the future you might not have access to the through floor bolts that you have used to bolt the 15 ltr EASYFIT tank to the vehicle with, or the bolts you have installed are not located under the rock and roll bed or rear seat that will allow easy access to them in the future then we do have as an optional mounting system called our ‘15 Ltr EASYFIT Demountable through floor brackets' - (GI-TF-078-KIT). 

This GAS IT O.E. removal bracket kit comes in 4 parts.  2 parts bolt to the tanks feet and 2 parts come with welded internal bolts on a plate that are fitted first inside the vehicle before any false floor that is fitted. Once in place the floor can be put in place and the bolts to mount your tank are popping through under the vehicle. The external brackets that bolt to the tank feet allow the tank to be lifted up with ease and using just one person they will bolt them all tighter – the tanks then in safe and sound.  If in the future, you need to remove the tank then you simply go under the vehicle to remove the 4 nuts from the bolts and the tanks out with no access to the inside of the vehicle inside is needed. GAS IT Part Number GI-TF-078.