EASYFIT tank brackets, now see red

It's come to our attention that there are some none GAS IT product reseller's and installers are fitting grey imported self-refillable red R67 gas tanks in the U.K. with the incorrect required number of tank mounting cradles systems which makes their install not compliant to BS EN 12979 (legal British standard).
To make sure our fully compliant EASYFIT gas tanks and bracket systems are not confused with the none compliant 2 x cradle bracket installations, we have chosen to introduce the GAS IT EASYFIT brackets in the same gas industry red (RAL3000) colour that our bottles and gas tanks are in, so our compliant mounting systems can easily be identified when future inspection or gas tests are carried out.
There will obviously be some overlap time period where our EASYFIT Bracket systems will be supplied in black, but once our black stock is sold and used, the EASYFIT Red brackets will be made available.
If you’re unsure if your installation of 2 strap / hoop cradle systems comply with UK legislation, we would recommend contacting UKLPG directly who will be only too happy to clarify that R67 gas tanks hung underneath a vehicle from the straps / hoops require a minimum of 3 hoops / straps (or more depending on weight).