End of life Gas Tanks & Cylinders - recertification or disposal?

If you have an old GAS IT gas bottle or gas tank which you own and either want to get it recertified or simply want to dispose of it then GAS IT is more than happy to help you out.
We have for over 25 years been safely disposing and recycling GAS IT self-refillable bottles or tanks which have either come to their end of their life or are damaged and unusable. This free of charge service is not only for GAS IT sold products either, we provide it for any other brand of self-refillable gas bottle or self-refillable gas tank for that matter and when it comes to disposal, we don't just throw it away in landfill either. All the self-refillable gas cylinders or tanks we receive, and its many every year, are emptied of gas, fully broken down to component level, cleaned inside and out and then fully recycled in their relevant parts. The benefit for you all is that we don't charge for this service and yes, it’s a free service for any brand of self-refillable gas bottles as well. 
If you have an exchange type gas bottle from Calor, flogas or any brand that is not owned by you we as UKLPG members will also happily return these back to the right full owners - again this service is FOC.
On our ever expanding knowledgebase, here on the GAS IT webshop, we have a full section with extensive contact details in the options available to you for either recertification or the disposal of your GAS IT tank or self-refillable gas cylinder and how GAS IT is set up to help you. It’s also got direct contact details of the department within GAS IT HQ whom you need to speak to on this matter and recycling of old or damaged GAS IT and other owned gas tanks and cylinders even has its own GAS IT email address: recycle@gasit.co.uk .
Visit the GAS IT knowledgebase for full details and information via this link here: https://www.gasit.co.uk/support/knowledgebase.php?article=84