Free upgrade of GAS IT 11kg bottles to GAS IT Plus bottles in all our kits.

2019 has started of incredibly strong for GAS IT and our sales are through the roof. 

We've had such a huge run on our standard 11kg GAS IT bottles that all the 2019 made bottles we have recently had in to us here at GAS IT HQ have been sold and we are now out of stock of them until the next order arrives. ( We've sold 4.5 months worth of stock of our standard 11kg bottles in less than 4 weeks)

To make sure no one goes without 11kg GAS IT bottles until the next lot we've ordered arrive, when you purchase a 11kg bottle or a kit which includes a standard 11kg GAS IT bottle, we are offering an automatic free of charge upgrade to the 11kg GAS IT Plus bottles. This upgrade will  at the same price as our standard bottles.

So if you buy a standard 11kg GAS IT bottle or a twin bottle kit that contains the GAS IT 11kg bottles we will automatically substitute the 11kg bottle and upgrade it to a 11kg bottle Plus version - which is what you will receive.  You won't need to do anything just order the normal kit and we will send you the 11kg Plus bottle automatically.

This upgrade only applies to the 11kg GAS IT standard bottles at this time.