GAS IT Tank's Prices to fall in 2017

Our GAS IT EASYFIT & our GAS IT Tank's Prices are to Plummet in 2017 - and when we mean plummet, we mean straight down!    laugh
We have managed to negotiate big, big price drops on our full GAS IT EASY FIT refillable gas tank range for 2017, with no loss of OEM specification quality or product changes and you will be pleased to know that every bit of discount that we've earned, will be passed on to 'you' our GAS IT customers.  
We have been able to get our new low, low tank prices because of GAS IT's increased buying power due to our continual growth, year on year, in the Self Refillable Gas System Market in the UK and Europe.
The price drops you should expect to see are significant and you will start to see them on our GAS IT EASYFIT product range first, which will be put in place as they arrive from our manufacturers. To give you an indication of what low, low prices to expect we have started the 2017 price plummet early by showing you the drop on our GAS IT EASYFIT 25 ltr gas tank from its original R.R.P. price of £266.87 (Inc VAT) to a whooping low R.R.P. price of £227.09 (Inc VAT). Which equals a cool, £39.78 price reduction.
Our standard GAS IT gas tanks were already a low priced product, but we've managed to squeeze further discount and again we've introduced the new 2017 prices on our standard 25 ltr tank which goes from £234.64 (Inc VAT) down to £227.08 (Inc VAT).
Our new 2017 gas tank price drop is not to be confused with a month special offer. It’s our permanent ' All of 2017 price drop' and will be across all the GAS IT Tank range soon.