GAS IT Lightweight Thermoplastic fill hose & bottle joining systems as standard.

We have introduced the GAS IT OEM specification Lightweight R67 thermoplastic (GI-AUX-024) as the bottle joining systems and fill hoses across the complete range of pre-listed GAS IT bottle and Tank kits, in place of the traditional bulky SAE rubber fill hoses they use to be listed with.

This change has been implemented to keep GAS IT bottles more future proof than other brands and it also makes the installs easier and more cost-effective for our customers and users, plus when installing with stainless steel hoses it totally removes rubber from the LPG system as a whole. 

The GAS IT branded thermoplastic hose is fully certified to R67 regulations and has been in use for over 20 years by new vehicle manufacturers and Autogas dealers around the world, so the proven safety history is second to none. 

The benefits of GAS IT branded Thermoplastic LPG hose:

•    It can be trimmed to the exact length needed which makes every install bespoke and more compact (and better on the eye).
•    The hose and fittings are very simple and easy to assemble with basic hand tools.
•    Its hose and components are lightweight compared to traditional fill hoses.
•    They are completely rubber-free meaning zero rubber contamination worries (original SAE fill hoses are fully rubber).
•    O.E.M. specification and Fully R67 certified with over 20 years of proven safety history.
•    Cheaper than traditional SAE fill hoses.

Due to the reduced costs of the GAS IT thermoplastic system compared to the traditional rubber SAE fill hoses, we have also made our GAS IT body mount bottle kits come with 2-meter fill hose as standard. And as the GAS IT Lightweight hoses in these kits are self-assembly, this allows the installer to cut the hose to the exact length they need, if they want to.

We have introduced a section on the GAS IT knowledgebase which shows everyone step-by-step how simple it is to assemble the Lightweight hose.

We will still be selling the traditional SAE hoses, so if your personal choice is to have a rubber SAE fill hose in your GAS IT bottle or vehicle specific tank kit, then simply build a kit of all the same parts as our lightweight bottle and tank kits but chose the relevant SAE hose instead.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of our GAS IT technical support or GAS IT sales team on 01286 832443.