GAS IT Trade Centre fully opens its doors on the 1st February 2023.

GAS IT trade Centre open's online and it’s in person Trade Counter to return to its Trade and OEM grass roots on the 1st Febuary 2023.

You will start to notice our new GAS IT Trade Centre Logo, well its not new, its a return back to our grass roots business strategy and we've put it back on show.

As we continue to be busier and busier in 2023, with the continual growth in GAS IT product sales and ongoing surge of new OEM vehicle builders and Trade customers coming knocking on our GAS IT door week on week, we have made the business decision on the 1st Febuary 2023 to return back to our proven and historic GAS IT business strategy which we started 30+ years ago by being a Trade only supplier with an in-house Trade Counter for local plumbers and dealers to come and collect their LPG goods from us.  This return to our previous business grass roots will mean the prices, service and support we are able to offer old and new GAS IT Trade and OEM customers will be at the best yet and highest level possible as we concentrate directly on Trade customers and their needs. It also means we are back to doing what some of our competitors do around the UK and Europe in the same size market size sector we are in

For those that don't know, for 30+ years up until 2016, GAS IT’s webshop and catalogues were all trade priced (as they are now showing on the webshop when you arrive) because as a company we were a trade only supplier and never an end user facing company and still to date we have never fitted, services or worked on end-users vehicles as that's for our Dealer network to make money on.  Yes, in the past everyone would see the well-known GAS IT branding (which started as an idea back in 1987 by our current MD) on banners at our Dealers workshops as well as fitted on, and in, most brand-new Motorhomes, Road Repair vehicles, Catering vans and Forklift trucks in the UK, Europe and Rest of the World, but as an end-user themselves our company wasn't so visible. In 2016 we changed the way we operated by being more visual to end-users in a help to keep the brand moving but more importantly give the refillable LPG gas market the right legal information that users needed as it seemed all other brands were skipping over to just sell, sell, sell,( and as this is our sole market income we didn't want them damaging it with the vast amount of incorrect information or product they were selling and passing on ) so we changed the look of our trade webshop to reflect that and started to included the right legal regulation info as well as make major changes to include Recommend Retail Prices ( R.R.P. ) as a means to show our trade customers what to charge end-users, and we also started to offer more pre sales and technical support directly to end-users who then went on to buy LPG products from elsewhere.

As time goes on and as we got busier (and bringing us up to date in 2023) we've noticed our support to our GAS IT Trade dealers and OEM's was getting diluted by the amount of time we were on the phones supporting end-users so we decided rather than trying to keep the ' many Trade, OEM and Retail support plates spinning on the poles ' we will return some responsibility back to our trade dealers to look after their own end users customers and we will offer trade customers even better prices and further discounts when they buy in bulk or volume sales to allow them to make more money and we have also re-opened our legendary trade counter here at GAS IT HQ for plumbers and dealers to collect LPG goods in person. 

We need to be clear as some of our much smaller and less experienced competitors in the LPG refillable market are throwing wild and verry inaccurate comments around. We are still giving full support to GAS IT retail customers and retail end-users. Nothing has changed in that direction and neither has our term and conditions so everyone retail or trade is treated in the same way they have always done by getting our full support. We are just asked our trade customers in the first instance to look after their own retail customers rather than pass them to us imediatly for support, so our own retail support is not diluted with customers who have bought product from elsewhere.

The first thing most customers are noticing when they land on our Trade only GAS IT webshop is that the prices you see are now your Trade prices and are + vat from the outset, so the prices you initially see will be the same as when you log in and what you have been paying previously, to reflect we are a trade only supply and that we have dropped our R.R.P. recommended prices. That's been done for 3 main reasons.

  1. With the many ongoing price increases that the world has seen on everything over the last 2 years, we can no longer keep manipulating nor suggesting what we think our trade customers will sell our goods for to the public for and what are your own perfect R.R.P. prices as we feel the ceiling level price of many products has been passed. It’s now down to you as trade customers to choose what you are selling our products at and what you are going to charge for the install of the GAS IT products (which is where 99% of our customers make their money).
  2. As new trade customers come to us with no log in details, they can see their trade only prices are + vat and they can then buy them directly without logging in.  Logging in still gets you many other trade benefits and opens pages on our site but prices are clear and there from the start.  If you check back to your previous Trade invoices from us you will notice the prices are the same as what you paid before ( They might have changed a little as prices are fluctuating up and down on some goods as we all know ) 
  3. We are not an end-user fascine business. We have never operated an end-user’s service or fitting centre; we have never attended shows to promote ourselves and we have always been Trade orientated, so the R.R.P. and support to your customers is for you to manage and for you to make your money on and long may this continue.

We haven’t dropped end-user support fully we are just time managing what we offer whilst we are increasing and stepping up our trade dealer / OEM support and backup as a priority.  We are working at a frantic rate to update the different methods of help and support we will still offer for end-users (who buy from elsewhere) by increasing our online presence. It’s going to be YouTube videos firstly then online ticket system, knowledgebase and so forth. 

Our priority moving forward as a trade supplier is to you our trade customers.

Here's a few benefits for our Trade and OEM customers to enjoy: -

  Trade and registered vehicles builders and plumbers are able to see pre VAT Trade prices directly on our webshop without having to log in.

  Visit the GAS IT Trade Centre  ( Trade Counter ) here near Caernarfon in person to collect your goods, catch up with the team and see the thousands of products we stock.

  Automatic discounts are now applied on the GAS IT webshop for Trade and OEM customers buying in bulk or larger volumes. The same volume discounts are applied to visitors to the GAS IT Trade counter.

  Direct GAS IT Trade pre and post sales support service in person or online 24/7, allowing quick response times and service for our trade customers directly at source and when needed.

  End-users after sales support response still available online and questions answered via the GAS IT ticket system - helping and supporting GAS IT dealers on the road who aren't readily available to help their own customers if needed.

  Registered OEM and Trade section for trade businesses only with vial information and offers.