GAS IT Warranty Terms & Conditions

We often get asked what our warranty terms are, and we are very pleased to say since 1972 they have been industry leading and very simple.
If the GAS IT product you have fails between when you buy it from us and 10 years’ time due to a manufacturing defect, then we will fix your GAS IT product problem by replacing it and fitting a new part all at our cost. Even if it’s not a manufacturer defective part that's causing you a problem but it has been caused by some other 3rd party issue then we won't leave you to fend for yourself as we will always work with you to put your mind at rest and fix the issue for you - even if it was a case of you paying for delivery to us and we pay for the part broken to be replaced and the shipping back to you.
That’s it. It’s simple, isn’t it?
We keep it this clear and simple because since 1972 when we started our family business, all our GAS IT products have come from known and trusted sources and all have proven to be very reliable, because we buy right in the first place. If we didn't trust our products and know they are safe and reliable then it would be commercial suicide to offer such a backup and warranty service since 1972.
Oh, and we don't sell or fit cheap Chinese parts.
For example, our 2 hole gas bottles are made in Portugal, our valves and fill points have always been German made, our gas tanks and plus bottles are made in Poland, our fill hoses in Holland, our pigtails in the UK and our pipes and regulators from Italy: the same few companies we been buying from for over 25 years.
So, if you have a problem, we will work with you to try and identify what the issue causing it could be in the first instance and if it’s something you can't fix there, we will organise a simple exchange of the faulty products right away.
We are so confident in our products that if anyone ever visits us here at GAS IT HQ you will be able to see how reliable our products are because the handful of items we've had back to us in the last 25 years, which have been in or out of warranty, are still here on display as proof that our products are second to none when it comes to reliability. We’ve never sent any back to the manufacturers as its not been worth it.
So, if you have any issues either now or in the future just let us know and we will resolve them, so you are 100% satisfied - Always have done, always will.