GAS IT webshop upgrades to new faster server.

We have upgraded our webshop hosting on the 22nd February to make your GAS IT shopping experience a quicker and more satisfactory one. In fact we are not doing just 1 lot of webshop work we are doing 2 separate amounts of update work on our webshop at the moment; All of which will be brilliant for you.
  1. Hosting upgrade - These are now done and working.
  2. Webshop features and upgrades - This is ongoing work and should be completed by Friday 2nd March
As of noon on 22nd February 2018 we have updated the hosting server of our GAS IT webshop to a new higher speed server. The change to our new server host could not have gone better thanks to the personal work of our hosting specialist Ian. In the first instance we are sure everyone will notice the shop is now head and shoulders above its old speed. This new hosting will mean pages open quick, searches are answered quicker and orders are put through quicker.
These new hosting changes are the start of extra work on our shop and both are being handled by 2 separate IT companies. 
Now the shop is on its new high speed host, our webshop guru Alec will be adding new enhancements to our webshop so over the next couple of weeks we will be making new changes to the shop and the way it functions. This will not only be a change in the way our webshop actually looks, but it will also include adding new modules which will bring new services and features to help you along your way with regards use and purchases.
During this webshop developments when our IT guru adds new functions and features, and starts to run tests on them, they might raise some some glitches, false emails and so forth. Please bear with us whilst this upgrade work is carried out over this next few days. Once the features and moduals are up and running we will let people know what they are and how they will help you all.
What we would ask is as the shop is new should any of you notice glitches or running issues would you please let our GAS IT sales team know by emailing them on or calling 01286 832443.