Direct to Bulkhead Regulator GAS IT Vapour Filter (W20 Male in x W20 Female Out) - (GI-VF-008)

Direct to Bulkhead Regulator GAS IT Vapour Filter (W20 Male in x W20 Female Out)
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Product CodeGI-VF-008
ManufacturerGAS IT

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Whilst we always recommend fitting a LPG vapour filter directly on the gas bottle or gas tank bottle outlet tap its self ( to protect everything upstream of the filter like the pigtails with none return valves, auto change overs and so forth ) we can supply a single lpg vapour filter that directly bolts on to the bulkhead regulator via the W20 fitting ( where you rubber gas pigtail usually connect )

This direct to gas regulator GAS IT vapour filter has been designed to fit directly to your bulkhead mounted gas regulator via the W20 pigtail fitting.  Once fitted you can then connect your exiting W20 gas rubber pigtail to it and you will protect the regualtor and everythihng down stream of it from dirty LPG.

Should you have space issues above your bulkhead regulator, which will make mounting the GAS IT direct to regulator vapour filter hard, we do sell a simple to use W20 elebow which will allow the vapour filter to come out from the side of your regulator rather than stick on the top.  ( see options at section at the side of this GAS IT filter picture )

If you then decide you want to connect 2 gas bottles to your filter on your regulator, you can either buy a GAS IT or another brand of automatic change over valve or we also list as an option here a W20 Male x Male x Female T piece with built in none return valves, which will screw directly on the inlet to this filter which then will allow you to connect 2 pigtails to the filter and thus get a twin bottle gas system for the minimum of cost.

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