11kg (27 tr) GAS IT Plus Refillable Gas Bottle With Gas Level Sensor

11kg (27 tr) GAS IT Plus Refillable Gas Bottle With Gas Level Sensor
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Top of the range and OEM specification 11kg GAS IT Plus upright refillable gas cylinder with Mechanical or Bluetooth gas level indicator options.

GAS IT Self Refillable gas bottle are easy to use, save you money and are super convenient to use and fill up. 

What makes the GAS IT refillable gas bottle system stand out above the rest.

1) Easy to install.

2) Cheap to refill - Autogas is normally sold several times cheaper than renting and exchange your normal brand of exchange gas bottles

3) Refill with ease using everyday Autogas including Europe - A built in 80% automatic Over Fill Shut off fill system making the refilling process Childs play.

4) Connecting a GAS IT bottle to your regulator is no harder than you using your normal exchange type gas bottle.

5) No Lifting and carrying of exchange gas bottles.

6) No sending back part filled exchange bottles, just incase you need more gas on the next trip.

7) Its easy to have any mixture of GAS IT self refillable bottles and exchange type gas bottles.

8) Solid metal geared Level float system comes with a factory fitted simple level gauge ( clock face type on the bottle it's self ) which can be updated to allow both on bottle and remote gas level indication anywhere on the vehicle with a separately available GAS IT LED gauge and sender -  To view the standard fitted mechanical indicator on this bottle means you need to look from the top or at an angle from the side. Removal of the transportable handle aids this viewing process or the use of a simple small mirror to view the level indicator on the odd occasion you want to see it will suffice.  You can also buy a remote wired GAS IT sender to fit in place of the mechanical version which sends its level to a LED internal display, or buy a GAS IT Bluetooth sensor for reporting direct to to your smart phone.

9) GAS IT Plus bottles come with 4 separate valves and is the only bottle on the market with a built in liquid phase separator.

10) The Gas outlet has a large flow capacity and is fitted with a full excess flow valve meaning the tank will shut off automatically if the pigtail bursts or the bottle is removed - Its been fitted on all GAS IT Plus bottles since 1991

These GAS IT Refillable products are regularly used in the Caravan, Motorhome, Road Repair, Catering and Farrier industries.

Visit the GAS IT Knowledgebase to get further Technical specifications on this GAS IT product. Click Here

Size - Approx 300mm x 580mm - The carrying handle can easily be unbolted to reduce the overall height of the bottle and also reduce its weight.

Weight of bottle with handle removed approx 13.8kg. Height of bottle without handle approx 560mm.

Outlet tap connection : 21.8LH Male Thread - Requires 21.8LH Pigtail or Gas Bottle Outlet Converter to UK POL ( Propane) adaptor - (GI-ACCS-024)

Fill Inlet: 3/4" SAE

Material: Steel

Product CodeGI-VB-004
ManufacturerGAS IT

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Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5

Great service and product

The service and attention I recieved from the sales staff was outstanding.The complete kit was delivered when they said it would, and fitting was easy with no problems in under 2 hours.even my ordering of an incorrect item was delt with by return of post with no hassle.I would reccommend this company to friends.Fred Watts (May 30 2013, 19:15 pm)

Gas it bottles

Excellent service excellent prices and quality of parts excellentMark Thomlinson (May 06 2013, 21:20 pm)

Exactly what we wanted

Got the Upgraded GAS IT PLUS bottles today and they are fantastic quality compared to the Safefill i'm replacing ( as i can;t fill safefills up anywhere without being stopped all the time ) GAS IT bottles are top quality, great product and the extra accessories i bought are well packaged and really good. Off to install it now! Thank youTim Jenkins (Apr 11 2013, 10:31 am)

Best things i've ever bought.

The service was good, the price was good, the shipping was good and the packaging was good. What more can i say but i'm well pleased form start to finishPeter Taylor (Apr 11 2013, 03:09 am)
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