More 'EASYFIT' gas tank sizes upto 70 ltr in stock.

We have great news for people who want to fit a gas tank from 20 ltrs up to 70 ltr in less than 15 minutes with only a single a ratchet, a single size socket, and a single drill bit.
At GAS IT we have developed yet even more EASYFIT, quick install, self-refillable gas tanks which now extended the GAS IT EASYFIT range from a 20 ltr gas tank, right up to 70 ltr. These EASYFIT tanks are now in stock here at GAS IT H.Q. and at Trained GAS IT Dealers around the UK and Europe.
The GAS IT EASYFIT range of Quick Install gas tanks usually take less than 15 minutes to fit to any vehicle because of the pre-mounted and installed fixing feet. The EASYFIT tank feet and the suggested M10 fixing bolts and washers, means your install fully complies with the M1 / N1 fixing requirements of R67, EN1949 and BSEN 12979 with ease.
For more information, search 'EASYFIT' in the GAS IT Webshop search bar at the top of the page, or head to 'EASYFIT range of refillable gas tank's' in the 'Gas Refillable Products' located in the black top click bar.