What's a Smart Power Save Ultra Low Current ECU

If you have decided to opt for the Electric Remote Operated Solenoid GAS IT tank or an electronically operated GAS IT Plus bottle rather than the traditionally operated Manual tap outlet then visit our Smart Electronics for Electric Outlet GAS IT tanks. 

In the Smart Electronics for Electric Outlet GAS IT tanks Category you will find information of the products we sell to remotely switch your gas tank on and off.

The GAS IT Smart Power Save ECU was designed and is fully manufacturer here in Wales by GAS IT in house staff and when fitted it will take full control of your  GAS IT Tank or Plus bottle mounted Electric Solenoid Outlet Valve to allow it to turn On and Off whilst limiting the battery to less that 85ma when its open and letting out gas - so your battery lasts longer with a GAS IT Smart Power Save Electronics.

Click here to visit the GAS ITSmart Electronics for Electric Outlet Category on the GAS IT webshop - where we also have a  viewable and downloadable document to help you choose what you want.