New 100% Recyclable GAS IT Packing Tape.

At GAS IT H.Q. we've always be aware of our green credentials, ever since we started fitting LPG equipment to our own petrol vehicles back in the 70's & 80's. In fact, on display in our little LPG & Autogas museum here at GAS IT H.Q., we still have some of the actual Autogas conversion components that we used back in the day.
So, moving forward to nowadays where we also operate, import and export LPG equipment distribution business from GAS IT H.Q. here in Wales. Predominantly selling LPG and Autogas parts for cars, motorhomes, van, trucks and trailers, we still wanted to do our part when it comes to the environment and wanting to protect the future.
Our newest change towards being even greener than we currently are is a simple but important one. It’s the introduction of new brown paper tape in our GAS IT warehouse for use when sealing cardboard boxes for the transport of gas parts. Before now we used the typical brown plastic or printed plastic tape that most companies use. Our new brown paper tape is not only looking good, but it is still super strong and sticky, and in the tests, we carried out we found it to stand up to all our packing and wrapping needs. It’s still fully printed with our GAS IT details and whilst it’s much better for the environment we also think it looks much cooler than the standard plastic tape as well.
As for the costs of the new brown paper tape......Well let’s say the best is always a lot more expensive, but in this case worth every penny. 
Here's is a picture of our latest brown paper tape and below that, a collection of the examples of packing tape we've have personally used over the last 22 years when packing and wrapping LPG and Autogas equipment.

GAS IT's New Brwn paper packing tape - 100% recyclable