New Gen2 GAS IT bottles coming to you soon!


Its common knowledge that in the LPG Self Refillable Gas System Solutions market there is only one market leader and major R & D company - GAS IT, who is constantly investing, developing and innovating with the launch of many new product lines year on year.

We are constantly listening to what our customers want and our in-house team are permanently focused to look beyond the LPG market curve to foresee how the market is developing and changing in the future, and no matter what - we invest, invest, invest. One of these great new GAS IT branded products to soon be on the market is our Latest GAS IT Gen 2 refillable bottle with fully user removable valve protection shroud.

In recent times our customers started to ask for a fully shrouded gas bottle (as exchange gas bottles from the likes of Calor, Flogas and others have ) because the way GAS IT customers use our bottles is changing and having a shroud make carrying the bottle easier - as it can be done with 2 hands compared to our single handle GAS IT bottle which is perfect when you are using your GAS IT bottles in a portable situation ( for filling and when using ) plus the new functional shroud automatically then offers superior valve protection, but we didn't stop there. As we all know most steel exchange bottles have these shrouds fitted but they are welded to the bottles and can't be removed. 

We have gone one step further and made the shroud on the latest Gen2 bottles fully removable, just 3 bolts, thus saving even more weight which is great when they are installed in gas lockers and used with our remote vehicle fill point system. 

GAS IT Gen2 bottles builds on the proven safety record of our GAS IT bottle range. :-

  • 11kg bottle - similar equivalent physical size as the Calor / Flogas red 11kg / 13kg propane exchange gas bottles so a Gen2 will fit in the same Caravans and Motorhomes gas lockers which are currently fitted with a 11 or 13kg Red Propane bottles.
  • Fully removable carrying and valve protection shroud.
  • Approved to the UK & European ' top notch ' gas bottle regulation EN1442 ( TPED & Pi ) - meaning easy fitment to vehicles, and totally legal, using existing gas bottle webbing straps in the gas locker ( No metal straps or costly / heavy R67 mounting system needed ) plus they are fully approved for used in a fully portable / transportable manor ( for filling and use ) 
  • Manufactured to the same proven high safety specifications and approvals ( EN1442 ) as all Calor, Flogas, Countrywide gas bottles. 
  • Easier transportation for portable ( on bottle ) filling at a LPG Autogas forecourt due to extra carrying holes in handle.
  • In vehicle gas locker mounting with remote fill points functionality still the same as all previous GAS IT bottles.
  • Great to be used in portable applications at home and in your caravan - Gas BBQ's, outdoor heating, Gas burners, Gas cookers, Caravan and Touring applications.
  • Built in mechanical level indicator or remote Bluetooth gas level indication options available.
  • Usable in road repair, farrier, catering, commercial and many other applications where you currently use a Calor or flogas type exchange gas bottle.

We bet your first question will be " When are they due and when can we buy them? "

Well our answer is you won't have to wait long as our GAS IT Gen2 bottles have already gone through our rigorous range of Alpha and Beta testing procedures over the last several months and they passed with flying colours.   The first batch production have already been made and are due to be with us here at GAS IT HQ very soon. Once they arrive we can then carry out normal valving and tightness process and then they will be ready to go on sale - which will be sooner rather than later, so keep your eyes out on our webshop, twitter and Facebook page and be ready for the great ' They are here and ready to sell 'announcement.

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