A New Phone & I.T. system plus plenty more Sales & Technical support phone lines are being installed at GAS IT H.Q.

There are 2 things we do very well at GAS IT: we never sit still when it comes to LPG & Autogas product enhancements and development and we spare no expense when it comes to providing a professional service to all our new and existing customers and users.
Recently we employed a further 3 more full time staff who are based directly at GAS IT H.Q. . Thier jobs are to keep up with the constant increase in sales of GAS IT self-refillable products around the UK and Europe. Now we've added more staff we have decided to also increase the number of our incoming phone lines on our main phone number of 01286 832443 from the current 4 up to 12. We will also at the same time update our internal phone system, adding more features which will benefit our customers as well as our in-house staff.
As well as organising a new phone system, plus 8 more phone lines, we are also having a new high speed internal I.T. network installed which has been designed to work with the very high-speed fibre broadband we have already had installed for the last couple of years. The new I.T. system will mean all our GAS IT personnel in the UK, Europe and Australia will be able to communicate via email and the Internet more seamlessly, plus our purchasing department will work efficiently and be better integrated with our GAS IT product suppliers around the world.
To make sure the I.T. and new phone system changes doesn't impact you in any way, we have chosen to get all the phone system and I.T. work carried out during our 2 week summer holiday break so when we all return back to work it will all be up and running.
Our new high-tech phone system comes with loads of new features like voice mail, caller Id, mobile transfer between GAS IT companies in Europe and Australia. Plus, it has many other features which will help our customers get the help, advice and sales they need. The extra 8 Sales and Technical support phone lines also means you will be able to get straight through to the person and department you want to without get an engaged tone.
Our main phone number will be the same (01286 832443), so as far as you are concerned nothing will have changed except, we'll be able to take more calls from you.
So, give us a call when we return back to work on the 14th August and see how the new phone and I.T. systems works and sounds.