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GAS IT Trade Centre fully opens its doors on the 1st February 2023.

GAS IT Trade Centre fully opens its doors on the 1st February 2023
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10th January 2023

2023 Price increases

From the first week in January 2023 prices will be going up. Continue to check the prices on the website before ordering to save any confusion.
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6th December 2022

We are on holiday for 2 weeks

Its August again and we are closed for 2 weeks summer family holidays
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1st August 2022

New Gen2 GAS IT bottles coming to you soon!

When GAS IT Customers show an interest or a requirement for a new product design, GAS IT doesn't stand still. We listen, we design, we develop, we financially invest and most of all we innovate, making GAS IT year on year - ' The Market Leader' Say a big welcome to GAS IT's new Gen2 gas bottles.
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27th August 2019

Price Fluctuations - Up and Down

It's in the news that Sterling exchange rates are poor so it's no surprise that these could have an impact on our prices over the coming months, but don't expect the prices just to go up. We've already seen some come down.
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29th July 2019

GAS IT Lightweight Thermoplastic fill hose & bottle joining systems as standard.

We've introduced the well proven GAS IT Lightweight R67 thermoplastic LPG fill hose and bottle joining systems with every GAS IT bottle kit and vehicle specific tank kit.
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2nd July 2019

Free GAS IT Sales Leads for GAS IT Dealers - Apply now!

Want to start getting free Sales leads from GAS IT? GAS IT Dealers who want free sales leads are on the GAS IT dealer map on our webshop and receive regular free sales enquiries from it.
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27th June 2019

New GAS IT Bluetooth Ultrasonic gas level system available now.

GAS IT Bottles now come with our GAS IT Ultrasonic Bluetooth Gas level enabled sensor system as an option, plus the sensor can be purchased separately to work with your existing gas bottle - including Calor, Flogas and others.
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6th June 2019

Demountable brackets for 15 ltr GAS IT tanks

Most GAS IT EASYFIT 15 ltr tanks are bolted directly through the floor but did you know we also sell a future proof demountable bracket system for the 15 ltr EASYFIT tank to make the install even easier?
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5th April 2019

Free upgrade of GAS IT 11kg bottles to GAS IT Plus bottles in all our kits.

Purchase a standard 11kg GAS IT bottle, singular or in a kit, and received an automatic Free upgrade to a 11kg GAS IT Plus bottle.
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25th March 2019

UKLPG Release new stand alone refillable gas bottle guidance sheet

Portable & on gas bottle fill points are a No, No.
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31st July 2016

New 15 ltr GAS IT EASYFIT 4 Hole Vapour Tank with Remote Electric or Manual Outlet Options NOW IN STOCK.

GAS IT has done it again by producing the Worlds first small 15 ltr 4 hole O.E.M specification vapour tank with industry leading EASYFIT mounting feet and our usual market leading safety features built in. The come with our Remote operate Electric outlet valve or our Traditional manual outlet option. This size tank works great on all VW's even extremely lowered ones plus Ford Transits & Connects Nissans, Fiat Peugeot's, Vauxhall's and many others panel vans with limited space underneath and low gas requirements
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17th January 2019

What's a Smart Power Save Ultra Low Current ECU

If you have decided to opt for the Electric Remote Operated Solenoid GAS IT tank or an electronically operated GAS IT Plus bottle rather than the traditionally operated Manual tap outlet then visit our Smart Electronics for Electric Outlet GAS IT tanks. It's where the latest GAS IT Remote Shut Off Tank Solenoid & Electronics information is.
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7th January 2019

Update on Free Delivery, Special Offers, Loyalty Points & Brexit.

This GAS IT News update has some great information on our webshop Free Delivery & Special offers becoming a permanent feature, removing our Loyalty Points scheme and the positives procedures we are carrying out with regards Brexit to make sure our GAS IT customers are fully covered and won't feel a thing.
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14th November 2018

Refilling with a fitted EASYFILL bottle mounted fillpoint

The refilling of your Portable & freestanding privately owned GAS IT EASYFILL bottles which come pre fitted with a German made Overfill protection Device (OPD) and On bottle mounted fillpoint at a LPG forecourts and Autogas stations just got easier thanks to the petrol forecourts & Red Guide; and today's release of the UKLPG User Information sheets ( UIS ) 026 & 037 which clearly shows all GAS IT bottles being TPED & Pi Marked fully comply with UK regulations and UKLPG guidelines.
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25th October 2018

New GAS IT vapour filters

Never one to stand still, GAS IT have developed a brand new vapour filter to remove even more oils and particles before they hit your regulator and internal appliances whilst generating little restriction in flow.
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25th October 2018

Free Delivery on GAS IT webshop orders from 1st October.

From the 1st of October 2018 we will be offering free delivery on GAS IT webshop orders over £50.00 including VAT to a UK mainland address.
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1st October 2018

Free Webshop deliveries in September

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1st September 2018

Training dates till end of November are now available.

If your interested in attending one of GAS IT renowned product and regulation competency training courses then download the training flier from the GAS IT Trade only support area here on our webshop. If you don't have your trade log in details then drop an email to and they will set you up for free.
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14th August 2018

GAS IT webshop upgrades to new faster server.

We have upgraded our webshop hosting on the 22nd February to make your GAS IT shopping experience a quicker and more satisfactory one.
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22nd February 2018

Welcome to 2018

Welcome all our customers to 2018. We hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a great new year. In the next 12 months we are looking forward to working with new trade and retail customers to get you on the road with your new GAS IT refillable systems, not only saving you money on exchange bottles but making your life easier.
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1st January 2018

Service Engineers Products

Check out our new Eagle professional only range of service sprays
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5th October 2017

New 100% Recyclable GAS IT Packing Tape.

We have started to use a fantastic new brown paper tape in our GAS IT warehouse and packaging area, which is 100% recyclable and looks cool at the same time.
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21st August 2017

A New Phone & I.T. system plus plenty more Sales & Technical support phone lines are being installed at GAS IT H.Q.

We are having a new phone & I.T. system installed plus 8 more dedicated Sales & Technical support phone lines added at GAS IT HQ to make your whole GAS IT experience even better. :-)
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3rd August 2017

Our 2 Week Summer Holiday Shut Down information

Its that time of year again where we close down for 2 weeks summer Holiday....
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23rd June 2017

10% off all GAS IT products in November - Now extended to the end of December

Its official, we have got a full 10% off all GAS IT products for the month of November. Simply add NOV17 in the webshop basket coupon section to get the discount applied. :-) We've extended the offer to included December 2017. use the same NOV17 code and get discount on all the GAS It products via our webshop.
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26th October 2017

GAS IT sets out to help the Welsh Honey Bee at its Head Quarters near Caernarfon in North Wales.

GAS IT has had the first of its 3 permanent Welsh Honey Bee hives to be sited at its head quarters by its Managing Director Nick Farrow, who is himself an avid Beekeeper and Breeder of the Welsh Black Honey Bee.
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6th June 2017

We are growing yet again, so retail customers please bear with us.

We have great news. We are on the up, up up, and are expanding yet again. From the 1st April 2017, we are implementing some temporary changes that will only affect our telephone retail sales and telephone retail technical enquirers that come direct into GAS IT HQ only, but don't worry, we won't leave you on your own.
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30th March 2017

Want to buy GAS IT Products then visit our Local Trained GAS IT Dealer.

Visit our online GAS IT Dealer map for your retail purchases, from the growing number of GAS IT Dealer's in the UK, Europe, America & Australia. Our Growing number of GAS IT Dealers provide the confidence of not only buying GAS IT products but having the backing of the largest independent dealer backup service available. Go take a look.
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30th March 2017

Truma / GOK BBQ Point Recall News.

We've never sold Truma or GOK BBQ points or gas manifolds or their gas regulators for that matter - so for GAS IT customers, it's panic over. :-)
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9th March 2017

What have GAS IT been upto so far in 2017?

2017 has proven to be a busy time for everyone here at GAS IT HQ so far and we've got lots to tell you.
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3rd March 2017

GAS IT Tank's Prices to fall in 2017

GAS IT tank's prices are to drop considerably in 2017, due to GAS IT's big buying power. To give you a taster, we've introduced one amazing price drop already on the GAS IT EASYFIT 25 lt tank which is down by £39.78, to £227.09 inc VAT RRP.
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13th December 2016

We are expanding, want a Job?

We are expanding yet again and need a couple of extra people to help continue with our growth in the refillable gas system market.
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28th November 2016

A New Dealer Flier is Available

There is a New GAS IT Dealer Flier out now. Get your copy now.
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24th November 2016

EASYFIT tank brackets, now see red

We have started to introduce the GAS IT EASYFIT Brackets in red powder coating.
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3rd November 2016

GAS IT Christmas Holiday Dates

Its that time of year again...
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2nd November 2016

End of life Gas Tanks & Cylinders - recertification or disposal?

Not sure what to do with your old GAS IT tank or gas bottle or do you have some other brand and don't know what to do with them either - Well don't worry GAS IT is only pleased to help.
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1st November 2016

More 'EASYFIT' gas tank sizes upto 70 ltr in stock.

More new sizes of GAS IT EASY Tanks in stock.
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28th October 2016


GAS IT's Blog is open for visitors.
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27th October 2016

Welcome to the latest enhancement to the GAS IT webshop

New Webshop updates and modifications.
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27th October 2016