Price Fluctuations - Up and Down

Prices are going to fluctuate - that means they can go up but also come down.

Its very clear that the Sterling exchange rates against the Dollar and Euro have taken a significant hit over the last couple of years – more so over the last few months, and in an effort to keep your buying prices the same, we have, in most cases, managed to absorb any swing and fluctuation and thankfully have not had to pass on the relevant price increases we have incurred.  In fact, on 98.7% of GAS IT products we sell we have not increased our selling prices in over 8 years, helped by the continual increase in our buying power and by working closely with our handful of long-standing suppliers and manufactures. 

Unfortunately, due to the continued poor exchange rates, which we all see in the news, and with significant increases in raw material and shipping costs over this last 2 years, ourselves and a hand full of our suppliers across the UK and Europe are now at the stage where we are unable to absorb any more of these ‘out of our control’ price increases which has now given us no other option but to pass some of these small price increases on.

We have chosen to only make very small, needed, price increases by using the actual cost increases we incur at the time of purchase – rather than put our finger in the air now and wildly guess and say everything is going to go up by 5 or 10%. Doing it this way will keep the increases as small as possible but it also means we can’t be sure of what percentage or what increases in price we are all to expect, and we honestly can’t be sure there will be only one price movement ( up or down ) in the coming months whilst there is significant uncertainty in exchange rates for everyone involved. These small prices will only start to naturally change on product deliveries where the exchange rates and/or costs of manufacturing have gone up to us and as I mentioned, it is from these increases In costs that we will use to work out the small percentage of increase we need to make to maintain profit stability.  

We recommend you keep an eye on the GAS IT webshop for these price changes as they will be changed automatically and without notice, but don’t be shocked if you might actually see product coming into stock over the coming months have no price increase or you even notice a price decrease because you can be assured that should product costs come down, or should the exchange rates recover, then we will immediate adjust the pricing down accordingly. 

It not all doom and gloom though.  We are working hard to keep prices increases down to the minimum and in place for as short as possible, and in some cases this last couple of weeks we have even reduced prices on some GAS IT products. We’ve already considered poor exchange rates and their raw material costs and these new lower prices will stay down.  Take a look at our best-selling Bluetooth gas level sensors and GAS IT Vapour filters range for example where there’s been up to a £10 reduction per unit price decrease. Over the coming weeks we will be looking at all our products and if prices can be reduced then we will automatically do so.