We are now closed until 9am on the 16th August.

We are now closed for our annual 2  weeks family summer holiday shut down and during this time there are no staff working at GAS IT HQ so we are unable to take phone calls, answer emails or reply to these sales enquire ticket.  We return back to work at 9am on the 16th August 2021.

If you place an order on our webshop ( www.GAS IT.co.uk) it will not be processed for shipping until we are back on Monday 16th August.

All webshop orders are processed on a first come first served basis so the sooner you place your order via the GAS IT webshop the sooner the items purchased will be shipped on our return on the 16th.

Welcome to GAS IT's Sales Support Ticket System

This is our new Sales information ticket system which is replacing our old sales@GASIT.co.uk email account.

We have put it in place to help make sure your sales enquires are efficiently answered better and more effienctly than our normal sales email system.  All Sales tickets will be registered and easily tracked by yourselves and it will also allow any of the GAS IT team members to answer you, thus increasing our efficiency and reduce your waiting times.

Please use this system instead of contacting us via email at sales@GASIT.co.uk as that email address is no longer monitored.

As our Sales FAQ database grows many of your sales answers will be here and offered to you automatically. 

If you require Product Technical Support Specifically please visit our online Knowledgeable by click here.