10 x Single Gas Level Bluetooth Ultrasonic Gas Level Sensor.

10 x Single Gas Level Bluetooth Ultrasonic Gas Level Sensor.
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Product Information

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Single GAS IT Ultrasonic Bluetooth Gas Level Sensor kit - for reading the actual gas level in 1 gas bottle or 1 gas tank, accurately in 1% increments from the very bottom of the bottle to the very top of the liquid gas in your bottle or tank.

This Single GAS IT Ultrasonic Bluetooth Gas level sensor kit includes 1 ultrasonic sensors to allow you to see the gas level in 1 gas bottles or 1 gas tank.

In this kit you get one GAS IT BLuetooth level sensor and 1 sachet of Dielectric grease.

The GAS IT Ultrasonic Bluetooth gas level sensor works by attaching itself to the bottom of the bottle with 2 small magnets and it will work via unltrasonic on any type or make of gas bottle and is not just a gas level reading system for refillable bottles - They will read Calor gas, Flogas, Countrywide, GAS IT, Gaslow, Alugas* and many more makes of gas bottles ( but not composite bottles ) and you can have as many sensors fitted to as many bottles as you need to read the level of.  ( For 47kg gas bottles and gas bulk tanks from 85 ltr to 4000ltr we recommend you purchase the XL version Bluetooth sensor GI-ELE-054. See note on using the standard sensor on 47kg bottles below )

The GAS IT Ultrasonic Bluetooth Gas level sensor is incredibly accurate as it works out the gas level in the bottle by sending a sophisticated ultrasonic signal directly from the bottom of the gas bottle to the very top of the gas liquid inside and it provides you with this a very accurate display of the bottles gas contents on either a separately purchased GAS IT Bluetooth led display or directly to the free app on your smart phone / device via Bluetooth. 

Unlike other mechanical gas level systems which that rely on a float to measure some of the gas level in the bottle ( All floats systems are unable to measure from the very top to the very bottom of the gas in the bottle ), the GAS IT Ultrasonic Bluetooth Gas level sensor will actually read from the very top of the gas liquid to the very bottom of the bottle/ tank and send these accurate readings of the contents completely wireless by Bluetooth for clear display on either a separately purchased GAS IT Bluetooth monitor unit ( with single or twin bottles/tanks displays ) or directly to your Smart device ( Iphone, Android, Ipad, tablet etc ) via a dedicated free App.

The readings on your smart device, via the free app, will display down to 0% gas level in 1% increments and is updated every 1.5 seconds.  There is even a automatic warning level that you can set that will let you know when the gas bottle reaches the level so you never miss a low gas level in your bottle.

You can connect as many GAS IT Ultrasonic Bluetooth Gas level sensors to your smart device via the app as you want and can individually name each one so you have a very clear indication of the level of gas in the bottles and also when your getting low.

Its very easy to fit and use.  All you do is place a GAS IT Ultrasonic Bluetooth Gas level sensor via its 2 small magnets, on the bottom of your ferris gas bottle, or on ever gas bottle you want to read the gas level on, press a single button to start bottle gas level calibration and also to connect the sensor to your phone or smart device.  once the sensor is installed and connected to your device or separately purchased GAS IT Bluetooth monitor display, then your done and you will get updates on the gas level every 1.5 second.

The battery (CR2032) can be easily replaced and it last for about 2 years.

This GAS IT Bluetooth Level Sensor system works on 6kg to 40kg cylinders ( upto 85 ltr ) and on horizontal bulk gas tanks upto 85ltrs.  For larger applications for 47kg bottles and upto 4000 ltrs bulk tanks we also sell a XL tank sensor on the webshop.


The  GAS IT app allows connection to multiple sensors, so that you can monitor as many tanks as you want.

The GAS IT Bluetooth gas level sensor can be connected to both the app and standalone monitor at the same time.

The Sensor comes with 2 magnets that will only stick to steel bottles or tanks. To attach the sensor to aluminium bottles you need to attach it via double sided tape or have the sensor taped in place. The rubber button between the 2 magets on the sensor must be in contact with the base of the bottle to work. 

These sensors will not work with composite bottles. 

For Technical instructions on this product visit the GAS IT Knowledgebase and search for Bluetooth.

For 47kg bottles we always recoomend the GAS IT XL BLuetooth sensor and whilst this standard sensor will work on a 47kg bottle ( which holds between 90ltrs and 94 ltr of liquid ) when the gas bottle is full it will not read and show zero as it can not pick up the top of the liquid level as it is above the 85ltr maximum this sensor reads. Once the liquid level in the 47kg bottle gets down to approximately 85 ltrs, the standard sensor will start to read perfectly well in 1% increments down to empty.  This is ideal if you have a standard sensor you bought for a smaller bottle and then want to use it on a larger 47kg bottle but if your buying new then go for the XL sensor everytime.  If you want to read 47kg bottles from the very top you need to purchase the GAS IT XL Bluetooth Sensor ( PT number GI-ELE-054 )

As the sole UK Authorised Mopeka products distributor you get full UK warranty on any Mopeka product sold directly by GAS IT. ( We do not warranty or support any gray imported products bought outside the UK from other sources.)

Product CodeGI-ELE-051-P
ManufacturerGAS IT

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