EASYFIT Spare Wheel Shaped Vapour Tanks

EASYFIT Spare Wheel Shaped Vapour Tanks
At GAS IT we constantly strive to design and introduce innovative products that are safe, functional and fit a requirement of our customers.
Our very unique GAS IT EASYFIT Spare Wheel Shaped 4 hole gas tanks are designed and built to the same safety and regulation specification as our OEM products with built in safety not seen in other similar products.
All GAS IT EASYFIT© gas tanks come with our unique, quick and easy to install mounting feet and with a Electric Remote Outlet or Manual Tap Outlet Option ( Listed in separate categories selectable below ) .
All GAS IT tanks including our ground-breaking spare wheel shaped tanks come with all the gas valves and aluminium airbox, at no extra cost.
GAS IT Tanks do not come supplied with any gas level sender unit. Either a manual or remote version will need to be purchased separately if you want to see what gas level is in the tank.
Our full GAS IT product range is designed to be UK and EU compliant and are fully homologated so you know your safe GAS IT products are also approved and insurance friendly.
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