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Why are the tubes supplied with the GAS IT vehicle specific tank kit too long.

If you bought a vehicle specific kit with the GI-TF-061 brackets then the compression tubes we supply with the GAS IT chassis brackets are supplied longer than required and need cutting down for each installation to make them fit.  We supply them slightly longer as there are tolerances in the chassis cross members you are drilling plus you might drill lower down the cross member ( near the thinner bottom of the cross member wedge part ) or higher ( near the thicker part which will make a longer tube needed  ) than the next installer and as the cross member is tapered from big up at the floor to narrower further down the tubes we supply would never be exactly right – thus the reason we provide excess length tubes so they fit every time.

So its a simple case of drilling the hole through the cross member ( at the right location for your GAS IT chassis brackets ) then measure the distance between both holes you have drilled and then cut the tube to the right length ( less a couple of millimetres to allow it to be tightened up )

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