Fitting a gas tank, then you must protecting a underslung tank against stone chips and so forth.


GAS IT Under seal. Pt Number GI-SPR-001


When installing a GAS IT tank on the underside of a moving vehicle it is a requirement that the tank is protected against stone chips. 

We, the tank manufactures and the NCC ( National Caravan Club ) state that gas tanks when fitted to road going vehicles must be protected against mechanical damage due to road debris and possible stone chips so that the tank does not rust nor is the warranty of the tank affected. 

This protection can be done by making a physical box or small protection shield or full covering but if you don't do those recommended options then at least we and the NCC recommend that worse case (if you can’t put a stone guard in front of the tank in the main direction of travel that ) the tank and its mounting brackets must be sprayed with a good quality rubberised underseal if any other options are not possible and we sell a great British made product to do that.

We recommend a good quality rubberised vehicle underseal ( We do not recommend the use of Waxoil or Waxoil combined products as they tend to wash off the tank and underside of the vehicle ).  We highly recommend the GAS IT rubberised underseal ( Pt number GI-SPR-001 which is available on our webshop and at GAS IT dealers ) as we have done extensive testing and found this British made product offers an outstanding layer or protection.  It comes in 500ml cans and a single can will be plenty to protect the tank and the mounting system.  We always recommend that the tank be wiped down with some means of cleaning / degreasing before applying the spray and where possible always add extra coatings to the bottom and side that faces the direction of travel. 

Importantly the coating on the tank and mounting system should be topped up as and when needed through the life of the tank / vehicle to provide optimal protection and to replace any removed from the tank over time. We recommend this is done at least every year when the vehicle is serviced.

If you do the above protection then there is no reason why your tanks will not last you 15 to 20 years in daily use - as our own vehicle fitted LPG tanks have.