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What to do with your old gas tanks and gas bottles - Not just GAS IT products.


When your gas bottle or gas tanks comes to re-testing ( re-certification ) or its end of life where you want to dispose of it there are a few easy options with regards what you can do with it.

The first option is if you want to replace your GAS IT gas tank or GAS IT bottle after 10 years, as we recommend, then GAS IT offers a subsidised ' exchange tank and bottle option ' which can be carried out via one of our GAS IT dealers.  Here the link on the GAS IT website for a local dealer who will be more than happy to help :

If you want to re-certify of the gas bottle you already own so you can reuse it for another set length of time then this has to be done by a specialist organisation who follow a strict set of guidelines.  Either contact UKLPG who can pass you the details of one of their member companies ( )  or here is a list of companies from the British Compressed Gases Association who carry our testing and should be able to help you. : -

You can also contact these companies on the BCGA list to see if they will dispose of your tank or cylinders as well.

 The second option is the disposal of your gas tank or gas cylinder for recycling and this can be handled in several ways.

1) We can handle that for you on a no cost basis.  All you need to do is return the gas bottle or gas tank to us here at GAS IT HQ and we'll do the rest free of charge. This includes us removing any LPG from the tank / cylinder, cleaning the interior and exterior, we remove the valves, aluminium box ( if fitted ) and then break the whole tank/cylinder down to its component parts and fully recycling all the metal and plastics responsibly. 

To book in the return of a GAS IT or none GAS IT product contact our Technical department via telephone on 01286 832443 or via email

2) You could try and contact your local GAS IT dealer to see if they carry out this disposal service

3) Depending where you are, your local council tip might provide this disposal service. Contact them to see if they will take your gas bottle or gas tank for disposal.

4) There are also a number of recycling centres around the UK, usually at scrap yards, who are set up to handle this also. Just search gas bottle or Autogas tank recycling.

5) Search on the internet for Autogas installers. They are around the UK and they are usually set up to remove your gas tank or gas bottles if you want and also dispose of them, as they do their Autogas car tanks.

6) UKLPG have a list of its members who can also carry out this service, just visit their website and contact them directly.

7) The UK government also has a link on its website with information on how to remove and safely dispose of a LPG tank. :

8) Visit Recycle now who have a section on how to recycle your gas bottles.

 We always recommend you are upfront and ask about disposal costs with any company or service provide you contact.  Some will charge for the scrapping of your own gas bottle or Autogas tank whereas some, like us here at GAS IT, do not.

To book in the return of a GAS IT or none GAS IT product contact our Technical department via telephone on 01286 832443 or via email


11-849-removal-of-lpg-tanks-guidance.pdf 11-849-removal-of-lpg-tanks-guidance.pdf

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