Refilling with a fitted EASYFILL bottle mounted fillpoint


The Refilling of your privately owned Portable and Freestanding GAS IT bottles, via their directly fitted EASYFILL bottle mounted fillpoints, just got easier.

With the recent and substantial move by the Garage and Forecourt industries, acceptance that the 'freestanding' refilling of user owned, portable, certified, refillable Gas Bottles is a safe and viable practice at Autogas garage forecourts.

Several months ago the APEA, PEIMF, PELG and members of the UKPRA, made significant changes to Petrol Stations 'The RED Guide' which now recognises that it is a permitted practice for the refilling of Freestanding and Portable privately owned LPG cylinders (which are purposely designed to be safely refilled by the owner), which GAS IT Bottles have always been designed and certified to do so. Every GAS IT Bottle ever sold has come profited with a German manufactured Overfill Prevention Device (OPD) for automatic shut off operation when the bottle reaches 80% full.

UKLPG have thrown their weight behind the clarification for the safe and legal practice of refilling your own portable refillable bottle by releasing its latest User Information Sheet 026 and 037 which gives further clarification to all UK Autogas forecourts and filling stations. This is great news for GAS IT and all GAS IT customers, new and old, because every single GAS IT bottles ever sold is fully TPED and PI marked and OCMES fitted with a factory fitted OPD, meaning they can be simply converted to become a multi-use Portable and Freestanding gas bottle by the purchase of either a GAS IT Horizon or GAS IT Sky direct on bottle fill point or already converted GAS IT EASYFILL© bottle.

Visit our Portable Direct Fill EASYFILL© GAS IT bottles section on the GAS IT webshop for full details of our fully UK and EU TPED and Pi marked compliant transportable and freestanding refillable GAS IT EASYFILL© bottles, which already come pre-fitted with built in fill pointsand how they totally comply with Petrol Filling Stations 'The Red Guide' plus UKLPG UIS 026 and 037 guidelines.

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