UKLPG Release new stand alone refillable gas bottle guidance sheet


UKLPG User Information Sheet 026 - July 2016.    

Guidance for Public LPG Refuelling Facility Operators on the Filling of Freestanding LPG Cylinders.


Dictionary definition of free-standing

adjective: freestanding

  1. not attached to or supported by another structure.

    "a free-standing cooker or a freestanding gas bottle"

    • not relying on or linked to anything else; independent.


All GAS IT Bottles are designed to be securely strapped into the vehicle and are filled via a LPG fillpoint which is not fixed directly on the bottle, so are thus not a freestanding refillable gas bottle.


At GAS IT we are possibly the only refillable gas bottle and gas tank equipment supplier in the UK that does not sell freestanding refillable gas bottles with either an on bottle fill points for free standing, portable, stand alone filling, nore do we sell a product to convert and fill an refillable gas bottle with an on bottle fill point - FACT. 


Click here to go to the downloadable copy from UKLPG website.