Update on Free Delivery, Special Offers, Loyalty Points & Brexit.

Dear GAS IT customer,
We are writing to advise you of some updates on the GAS IT webshop with regards on ongoing free delivery, our regular weekly/ monthly webshop special offers, webshop loyalty points and future costs increase and our outlook on Brexit.
After listening to our GAS IT customers and noting what a great success our Free delivery trial has been on all webshop orders over £50 (inc VAT) this last 2 months, we have decided to keep the free webshop delivery offer in place and make it an ongoing fixture for webshop purchases in 2019. This free delivery offer also includes pallet deliveries for our webshop customers who buy in bulk to get the lower product prices.
Even with the free webshop delivery in place we have decided to continue running our regular GAS IT weekly and/or monthly webshop offers. We have been trailing a regular Email which most of our GAS IT customers have enjoyed receiving due to the many free GAS IT products, product pricing discounts and upgrade options that we have managed to include. If you are not receiving these let us know and we will add you to the mailshot list.
One feature that will be leaving our webshop is the earning of webshop Loyalty points scheme. We introduced the Loyalty points last year when the shops server was first upgraded and in principle it was a good idea, especially when we couldn't offer other free features at the time. Since then we’ve been able to Implement the new webshop features such as the free delivery and regular offers facility which is available if you buy the product just once or every day. When asked, most of our customers have reported they are not keen on the loyalty points as it means they must come back and buy from the webshop to use the previously earned points, which is good if you buy daily but it’s not if you buy possibly just twice a year. So, we will remove the loyalty points feature and call that a day. Whilst we are stopping the points being earned on future purchases, you still have 180 days from when you first earned the points to spend what you have already earned.
Price increases in the new year are likely because of commodity price hikes in steel and brass, staffing costs increasing, fuel hikes, plus Brexit and sterling exchange rates. Please rest assured that, where possible, we are continuing to work with our many long-time manufacturers so that price increases are kept to a bare minimum as they have been this last couple of years for all GAS IT customers. The GAS IT webshop will continue to be the place to get the lowest trade prices for GAS IT products and being automated and having less staff in the order loop means that we can sharpen prices more than we can with phone and email orders, which are very labour intensive and thus cost more to achieve.
Brexit is around the corner but don’t worry we already have you covered. We have been talking to our GAS IT product manufacturers since early this year and have already significantly increased our order quantities on those manufacturers, so they start to arrive into us here at GAS IT HQ before March 2019. This huge increase in product deliveries will be starting in the first week of January where we start to receive truck load after truck load of everything from gas tanks and gas bottles, down to hoses and valves. We know that come March, we will have nearly 12 months’ worth of extra stock already here at GAS IT HQ. So as your sales continue GAS IT won’t be the bottle neck should March come and there be importing issues. 
If you have any questions, feel free to call our GAS IT sales team on 01286 832443 or email sales@gasit.co.uk . Our GAS IT webshop is located at www.GASIT.co.uk .
Offers and information can change at any time. E&OE. November 2018