VW Crafter/Sprinter Cross Member Mounting System for the 20, 25, 30 & 38 Ltr EASYFIT Gas Tanks

VW Crafter/Sprinter Cross Member Mounting System for the 20, 25, 30 & 38 Ltr EASYFIT Gas Tanks
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The metal tank mounting brackets will come in bare steel and are not painted red as per the picture. Under current codes of practice these brackets and tanks need undersealing, the GAS IT underseal (GI-SPR-001) is designed for this purpose and can be purchased separately on the webshop here :https://www.gasit.co.uk/gas-it-black-bitumen-underbody-coating-spray-500ml.html


Our GAS IT VW Crafter van mounting system allows you to install a 20 Ltr, 25 Ltr, 30 Ltr and 38 Ltr GAS IT EASYFIT tank to your vehicle with ease on to the 2006 to current 2017 generation VW Crafter vans. (they may fit other vehicles)

They fit under the driver's side (Right hand drive vehicles) and fix with each to the cross members. Always have a look to make sure there are no other factory options like AdBlue tanks, side steps and so forth that are fitted in the same location and that edge from edge measurements are 550mm Cross members (see picture). If your cross members are 919mm (approx) then you need to also purchase our Sprinter / crafter extension bars - GI-TF-077-KIT

You can still use this 4 cross member brackets on other vehicles with different cross members distances, or if your Crafter / Mercedes vehicle cross members are 919 apart (see GAS IT Knwoledgebase for pictures) as some randomly are but they will need you to buy either our Merc / Sprinter Extension kit we sell which includes 2 x 900 mm angle to attach these GAS IT brackets to the base vehicle (purchased separately via GAS IT Part Number GI-TF-077-KIT)

Each of our VW Crafter GAS IT brackets are made to mount directly on our feeted tanks via the optionally purchased M10 bolts and washers. Once you have fitted the GAS IT Mounting brackets to your vehicles cross member with the optionally purchased Sprinter Chassis bolt kit, fitment of the EASYFIT GAS IT tank is simply a case of lifting the GAS IT tank up to the brackets and bolt up the tank to reuniting them. 

This GAS IT mounting system allows the GAS IT tank with directly Factory fitted feet, to be mounted quickly, easily and more securely than any other gas tank system brand available and it also allows the LPG tank to be removed in the future (for vehicle painting and so forth) without disturbing anything inside the Vehicle like false floors, insulated flooring, carpeting and so on.

This new GAS IT mounting system is a one man job as it is mounted via 4 x M10 holes that are drilled through the vehicles cross members, and you can be assured that when used with GAS IT's optionally purchased nuts, bolts and washers kit that it complies with the BS EN 12979, EN 1942:2011 and ECE R67.01.

We also sell separately on the GAS IT webshop, a 100 mm extension plate which allows the new Mounting bracket to be moved 100mm either side (left or right) of the tank feet, should any existing fittings through the floor be in the way. 

GAS IT's Feeted tank Mounting System fully compliant to BS EN 12979 & ECE R67.01 -  which is legally needed when fitting a R67 LPG tank to a road going vehicle.

We always recommend you check to make sure you have space under you vehicle for this mounting system to fit, and that there is sufficient ground clearance.

Product CodeGI-TF-067-KIT
ManufacturerGAS IT

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