We are on holiday for 2 weeks

Its that time of year again where we fully close GAS IT HQ for 2 weeks to allow our staff a well earned 2 weeks summer family holiday.

Since the early 70's we have been enjoying an August shut down which allows all our staff to have the same 2 weeks summer break ( and allow GAS IT HQ to have some well needed repairs and updates whilst everyone is off ) We do this shut down because they use to do the same in commercial operations back in the day and still do in Europe - where companies shut for 2 to 4 weeks so we carry on this practice as it gives our staff a 100% relaxation period as they are all off together and don't have to randomly cover other staffs jobs when staff have days off through the year but more important to us at GAS IT it helps make sure all our staff are in work all year to serve our customers and give them our full focus.

This year we are off till 9am on the 15th August and any orders placed during our closure will be promptly processed as soon as we are all back in work.

We really appreciate your ongoing support and look forward to get back to work to help you out where we can.