Welcome to 2018

Welcome to all our customers in 2018. We hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a great New Year.
In the next 12 months we are looking forward to working with new trade and retail customers to get you on the road with your new GAS IT refillable systems, not only saving you money on exchange bottles but making your life easier.  
Here's a few sneak peaks of the great things that are on the GAS IT horizon this year:
  • All GAS IT tanks systems currently come pre valved and these valves come fully leak checked before leaving us. But how nice would it be if the full tank system including all the hoses, fillpoint pigtail etc came fully assembled and full leak checked on all joints you normally must make yourself? What if you will not have to make a single gas joint going into or directly out of the gas tank (on any gas joint above 60 millibar). In the near future we will be offering complete built tank systems where the only connection you need to make will be to the outlet on the regulator which will be pre-fitted and piped up to your GAS IT tank. To clarify, our tanks will come fully pre-assembled with the vehicle specific mounting brackets fixed to the tanks, the fillpoint and fill hoses will be mounted, fully sealed and joined together (you won’t need to undo a single joint). The pigtail and regulators will also be fully fixed and even better still the GAS IT tank system will all be full leak checked directly from the fill gun side of the fillpoint to the copper outlet of the regulator with no joints needed removing by the installer for install. Basically, the only joint that will need leak checking will be your copper pipe to the GAS IT regulator on the 30mb low pressure side. Cool Eh!
  • New GAS IT training courses will be held frequently around the UK on all the GAS IT products, the legal regulations and codes of practices - for all market sectors.
There’re many more great things to come from GAS IT this year so we will update you all soon!