What have GAS IT been upto so far in 2017?

2017 has proven to be a busy time for everyone here at GAS IT HQ.
Our Purchasing team have made sure that we have started 2017 with a new tank delivery, including a larger GAS IT EASYFIT tank size range. Our EASYFIT tanks are unique to ourselves and with the bracket systems we already have in stock, our customers are finding the installation of them a very easy one-person job.
If you would like to know all the differences between a GAS IT tank and other lower quality red gas tanks on the market, just give our in-house Technical team a call. You will be so surprised that it will be shocking, how advanced the GAS IT generation 2 gas tanks are over others out there.
Our in-house engineering team have updated our CAD (Computer Aided Design) software to the latest 3D CAD system. The product design results are mind blowing when viewed on their computer screens. They have also been developing some great new products that once through our rigorous testing process will make all our GAS IT customer's happy. You should be seeing those come to market in the next 6 to 8 weeks. The team have also been working on more installation bracketry to make the GAS IT EASYFIT tank's fit on more vehicle platforms with ease. The design of our EASYFIT gas tank brackets doesn't just involve making them safe, legal and durable, our engineering teams aim is to also make our EASYFIT gas tanks able to be installed in less than 15 minutes from getting the tank wrapped to having it securely installed on the vehicle by one person. We are still closely working with our local metal Laser cutters, and powder coating companies so all the brackets are cut and coated in a controlled yet quality proven manor. 
Our In-Training department has also proven to be very busy this year and continues to be busy into the foreseeable future. We have course dates available every 2 weeks, so if you’re looking to become trained on GAS IT products and all the regulations and codes of practice needs for gas bottles and gas tanks, then drop the GAS IT Training department a call or email sales@gasit.co.uk .
We have expanded our inhouse tank valving team this year by taking on yet another full time member of staff whose sole job is to help the others keep up with the volume of valving the GAS IT tanks and Gas bottles we are buying and selling. We have also invested in having installed a brand new large high-pressure air compressor system, to work alongside the helium leak testing process we use on all our GAS IT Bottles, Cylinder and tanks after assembly. Our valve staff check that all the valves being fitted fully function before installing them, and again after valving they check the functionality to a strict testing guideline that we have set out. That is why you will not have a leak from a GAS IT product as its been tested directly here at GAS IT HQ.
So what else are we up to this year at GAS IT H.Q.?
Well it's still early in 2017 but looking at what all the personnel are working on for this year will mean you will see constant new products being brought to the self-refillable market, we will be making many product enhancements without driving the costs up.
Keep visiting our webshop or speak to the GAS IT Technical team who will be more than happy to give you idea's on what we are up to.