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General Sales Questions
What parts do I need to buy to make up a GAS IT Bottle system.
What parts do I need to buy to make up a GAS IT None Feeted Tank System.
How long does it take to ship my GAS IT parts or system order?
How to - Install Documents
How to assemble a GAS IT Twin bottle kit with Remote fill point.
How to Assemble a GAS IT twin In locker bottle kit
How to connect a GAS IT single Bottle with remote fillpoint.
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GAS IT Refillable Gas Bottles
How do I refill my GAS IT Self Refillable Bottle or Gas Tank.
My new gas bottle or gas tank has been fitted, what next?
My newly delivered gas bottle gauge isn't reading on my first fill up with gas.
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GAS IT Refillable Gas Tanks
How accurately is my gas level indicator on my gas tank going to be?
What size's are your GAS IT underneath red gas tanks?
Which way should a horizontal tank be installed?
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GAS IT Filters
Do I need to use a GAS IT D.G.I Filter ?
Do i need to fit a GAS IT Vapour filter to my gas system ?
The thread on my D.G.I. Filter seems tight when I try to use it, is that right?
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LED indicators
I have a 5 LED, will a newer 9 LED replace it
My gas level LED only works with the engine running
Regulators and changeover valves
I have a propane regulator how do I connect that to a GAS IT bottle?
How to use the GAS IT combined 30mb regulator with built in automatic changeover valve.
How do I use your GAS Autochange over valve?

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What is R67 and how does it affect me? Article rated 4.0/5.0
Well, if your buying a gas bottle from GAS IT then R67 and its rules and regulations don't apply to you as your just fitting a GAS IT gas bottle that's approved to the same specification as your curre...
The Euro tunnel with GAS IT tanks & bottles Article rated 5.0/5.0
All our GAS IT Self refillable gas bottles and gas tanks are fully Euro Tunnel compliant as they are fitted with an automatic 80% shut off valve, which will only allow our tanks and bottles to be...
Do I need to advise my insurance company of any changes I make to my vehicle? Article rated 3.0/5.0
At GAS IT we always advise you to tell your insurance company if you make any changes to your vehicle, even if its not a gas related extra that you have had added after your vehicle was made.
What is EN1949. Article rated 3.7/5.0
We do get asked is our equipment certified or approved to the EN1949 gas regulation as some of our competitors state their equipment is.   The simple answer is No, and the reason...
Sales & GAS IT product quotes Article rated 3.4/5.0
Do you want any GAS IT parts, or do you have an interest in fitting any GAS IT products or need an installer's details in your area, please contact or call 01286 832443, wh...
I'm going abroad, what do I need to fill my GAS IT system. Article rated 5.0/5.0
When going abroad with any autogas system will need the fill point to be changed to the country your going to so you can refill it where ever you are. Now changing the fill point its se...
Why do I have Slow filling? Article rated 4.0/5.0
  Assuming you have held the LPG/ Autogas pump button for long enough for the pressure to build and the fillpoint valve and tank valve to open, then there are 
Where not to install a lpg fillpoint Article not rated yet

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