ULCD 2.0 ( GI-ELE-063 ) Wiring

ele-008.3.pngFind attached the wiring instructions for the GAS IT ULCD 2.0 unit on its own for controlling the GAS IT Underslung LPG gas tanks fitted with the GAS IT electronic outlet device used to turn the gas on and off remotely. ( GAS IT part Number GI-ELE-063)

This is not to be confused with our previous version of ULCD PT number GI-ELE-008 which required a negative trigger on pin 3 ( the new 2.0 version requires a + trigger on Pin 3 now )

If you are using this ULCD with our GAS IT 4 Wire ( LED display with Switch ) then you connect the yellow output wire ( 12 volt switched ) positive from the switch to pin 3 or if your using a normal 12 volt switch supplied by yourself, then once again put the 12 volt + positive directly into pin 3

Please note we recommend placing the ULCD unit in a dry location which can be either near or away from the tank. Also to aid wiring the green plug (with screw terminals ) can be removed and disconnected from the black electronic unit itself.