My gas level LED only works with the engine running

Our GAS IT LED gauges work anytime when 12 volts is supplied to them, and whilst this sounds acceptable, leaving the led gauge on all the time will flatten the vehicles 12 volt battery at some stage, so some motorhomes and vehicle manufactures where the GAS IT refillable gas systems are fitted as an OEM product on their production lines, wires the GAS IT LED gauge up so they only work whilst the vehicle is running.

 There is no right or wrong, and this can be changed to a known 12 volt supply switched from another means, but be aware that if the gauge wiring is changing willy nilly and it's under warranty by the vehicle manufacturers this could affect the warranty, and also if you can't do this work yourselves, there will be a charge for any wiring to be changed by your engineer.

We can advise on wiring options should our help be needed further.