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Mechanical Gas Level indicator accuracy questions.


One of the common questions we receive is how accurate will the Mechanical gas level indicator be on my GAS IT tank and what amount of gas is shown on each LED or manual display.

Well we can tell you that It will be no less accurate than the petrol or diesel gauge on your vehicle dash.

All gas systems of any make and brand that have a contents gauges that work by floating on top of the gas liquid, on bottles and tanks, are a non calibrate unit so it will show the gas level in a similar way a petrol or diesel gauge shows the vehicle fuel tank level on dash of your car, and whilst it might not be 100% accurate actually having a indication of the gas contents is obviously better than not having it at all. 

Accuracy of vehicle fuel gauges vary as you can get down to 0 miles displayed on your dash showing you have nothing left  in your vehicle's fuel tanks but can still drive 30 or 40 miles before you fill up.

The Gas level shown in a GAS IT tank is fed to the outside gauge by a float system that physically floats on top of the liquid LPG in the tank and this level is given to the outside indicator.  As this gas level can vary due to temperature of the propane ( as it expands and contracts ) and its affected by the angle of the tank, the shape of the tank, the amount of gas in the tank at a given time and the actual level of the vehicle the tanks fitted to, it is hard to offer a definitive answer to what each LED or marking on the manual gas level gauge will indicate. 

Unfortunately the reading of fluids in a vehicle it's not an exact science as fuel gauges on vehicles prove.

What we do with our own motorhome gas tank is make a note of how much gas is put back in the tank when it's down to a certain LED - the red LED for example. We do this a few times to then work out that when the tank gets down to red there is say an average of 37 ltrs needed to refill the tank.  We need to do this a few times as the amount we pump in might vary due to filling station, the temperature of the gas, the time of day and so forth.

We now have the brilliant GAS IT bluetooth sensor that reads from the bottom to the top of the liquid LPG. Search for Bluetooth on this knowledgebase to see what products it works with and how it works


GAS IT will still continue to still work on gas valve development with our manufacturers.

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