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My newly delivered gas bottle mechanical level indicator isn't reading on my first fill up with gas.


GAS IT Bottles Shipped by Courier & gauge functionality on first fill.


If you buy GAS IT bottles by container loads or pallet loads your gauge will always have worked straight out of the box ( as the bottles are always transported upright) but on bottles shipped by courier they sometimes lay the bottles down which might bounce the float the wrong way and if you don't reset it before your first fill this will cause the gauge to read incorrectly or not work.

Here's the way to check your gauge is working correctly.


Fitting gas level indicator to GAS IT bottle. 

 Before installing the gas bottle into your vehicle, you must fit the gas level indicator provided to the neck of the GAS IT bottle as show below in section A, B & C.  Once fitted, hold the bottle and gentle rock it from side to side which will show you that the gas level indicator and float system is working correctly as the needle on the gauge will go from empty to full and back again.( see Attached Video )  When you are happy the gauge is working, continue to install the gas bottle in your vehicle.


We have a downloadable GAS IT Technical Article on this attached here below.

Quick-GAS-IT-Bottle-check-video.MOV Quick-GAS-IT-Bottle-check-video.MOV
E006A-GAS-IT-Bottle-Welcolme-Letter.pdf E006A-GAS-IT-Bottle-Welcolme-Letter.pdf

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